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DrawerBase Design

Sketchup File

I would like some critique on my design so far. This is going to be the base unit of my cabinet design for an entire wall unit. My initial design goal with this is just to get the drawer height set and comfortable with that. I have tried to add the faceframe elements, but am having trouble deciding on a method to attack that. I am probably over thinking it.

This is the initial unit layout for the Wall. Like I said above I am working on the base units for now, which will house drawers. The top units will probably have shelves, but could have more drawers…The center square is the bed

Please let me know what you think, and those who are able please feel free to comment or give me some pointers of my Sketchup model.
OK now that I have retooled the wheel, I will put in my input on this project. First off face frame or euro style. That is a matter of taste and willingness to build a piece. My input would be to make your drawer boxes the "euro" style so that as you get along in this project you are not held by limitations that you have already set in play. Use some nice 3/4" plywood and build you some sturdy boxes for drawers. And I build my base cabinets a little different in the fact that I make the cabinet without the toe kick. I make it separate as to me and my guys it is easier to level a toe kick than it is to keep moving a cabinet.
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