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  1. Bookcase Built-In

    December 2010 - Poplar/MDF - 138"w X 95"t X 24"d
  2. Built-In Desk Uper Cabinets

    Hello LJ Buddies, Its been a while. Catching up on old projects. I finished these upper cabinets in December. This where my kids do their homeschooling (hybrid). I did the base cabinets the year before. All made of Birch plywood, even the face frames. Fine tuned my HVLP skills using the...
  3. Conference Room Media Center

    Jan/Feb 2009 - Birch - 156"w X 108"t X 24"d
  4. Fireplace Built-Ins

    December 2009 - Pine/MDF - 2 units @ 44"w X 53"t X 20"d each
  5. Mudroom Builtin with Bookmatched Bench and Shelves

    The builtin is made of 3 sheets of 3/4" plywood, 3 sheets of 3/8" beadboard plywood, 30 bd. ft of hard maple, and lots of poplar. The shelves and bench are bookmatched hard maple, finished with BLO, and some oil based poly. Each locker has a high nailer strip and a low nailer strip which will...
  6. custom built in with radiator covers to match

    this was a built in cherry unit stained this dark mustard color. Job took about 45 hrs. install and everthing. The mouldings on the surface were just added afterwards,i.e. applied mouldings. So we recovered the wall with cherry and built custom radiator covers to match. All in all it was a good job.
  7. Built-in window seat with storage

    This is derived from the Book Nook plan on I just took up woodworking this year after a 30+ year hiatus, and can't believe I tackled something so challenging for one of my first projects! The base of the unit is a set of boxes built in two sections that are joined in the middle...
  8. Oak Built In Cabinet and Bench

    My brother was remodeling his bedroom and wanted extra storgae for laundry baskets and shoes. My dad and I came up with these built-ins. The oak matches the floor pretty well.
  9. Cottage Mud Room Built-In Make Over

    We purchased our cottage with the intentions of gutting and rebuilding the interior. Here is our rebuild of the mud room with nooks, bench and built-ins. Construction was with finish grade plywood and my first project using pocket screw joints. Assembly went very well…
  10. Carved Hummingbird Box

    Over the years I have several times been embroiled in intellectual property disputes. Fortunately, I am lucky to count amongst my friends one of the country's top intellectual property lawyers, and she has represented me-always successfully I hasten to add-in these troubles. She was out in...
  11. Built-in Bookshelves

    This was fun build. My first attempt at bookshelves , just used simple dadoes for the shelves with a little help from screws and glue . Each section was built seperate for more support and then screwed together . Fairly cheap to build coming in under $200 moms a happy camper.
  12. My Boy's Room

    updated our guest room for our new son (15 months old now). I installed wainscoating, windown bench (mom did the seat cushion) and a builtin dresser. First time using prefinished ply for the dresser drawers - so nice not having to finish! Full extension drawers with heavy duty rails which now...
  13. Blogs
    DrawerBase Design Sketchup File I would like some critique on my design so far. This is going to be the base unit of my cabinet design for an entire wall unit. My initial design goal with this is just to get the drawer height set and comfortable with that. I have tried to add the faceframe...
  14. Blogs
    Finally some free time. So this is what it feels like to get old. I have been touring with bands that you haven't heard of for too many years now. It used to be so fun but this year, well, it was just hot. Anyway, the point is I finally got back home and have the honey do list (mostly)...
  15. Blogs
    Curved Bookcase I came across this awesome bookcase on another blog and immediately thought of the people that could appreciate the craftsmanship. Check out the posting on Boing Boing, io9, or Triptyque the architects that designed it.
  16. Woodworking Skill Share
    I'm working on a "built-in" set of bookcases, my first built-in project. That is, it is not a free standing set of shelves that can be moved around the room, but attached to the wall as a set of cabinets are. Ok, let's say the book cases run 8' along a wall, abutting another wall (corner)...
1-16 of 16 Results