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  1. Projects WOODEN SIGN

    Wooden, oak sign, 60x20cm, laser engraved letters, painted with water based darkbrown colour. Edges angled with 45 degree router bit. Finish wood oil.
  2. Projects Oak bird

    I made this bird as a birthday present for my sister in law. The wood is oak and is harvested on the farm where she grew up, a long way from her current home. I thought that it will remind her of her roots and would be a cherished gift. The design is inspired from the Danish architect Kristian...
  3. Projects Alley of oaks

    Planted an alley of Caucasian oak, 2022. 36 pieces
  4. Projects In Progress
    Deck side table from an old oak whiskey barrel. The oak barrel top is connected to the stave legs via a pine "subframe" that is hidden by one of the barrel hoops.
  5. Projects Red Oak Filing Cabinet

    finally finished this small filing cabinet to match the desk i built for my dad. this was the first piece i built starting with drawers to fit hanging file folders, then building the cabinet. the stain really looks wonky in the photos but looks nice in person.
  6. Projects The panel for church

    I made it by church order. oak
  7. Projects Chisel and Gouge Till

    Over the past few weeks I built a till to hold all of my chisels and gouges, and here it is. It had a total of five rows of tools, and each tool sits in a one inch diameter hollow, with the sharp end of the tool held to the panel behind it by a 3mm x 6mm rare earth magnet. The back row...
  8. My take on the Twisted Bookcase

    Step one: Acquire raw materials (pallets) for free. Step two: Break them down and rough mill the wood. Step three: Glue ups. Step four: Initial assembly. Step five: Completion.
  9. Oak Morris Chair

    I made this oak Morris Chair that I had wanted for years and finally found the time to do, I was not able to get quarter sawn white oak because it has just become prohibitively expensive so this is made from red oak. I have the pictures of the parts as I made them and I sew as well so I was able...
  10. Lamp table

    Small lamp table made from red oak finished using Amber shellac Top is 10"x24" height 23"
  11. Yet, another wooden Bowl

    Another wooden bowl ,made from scraps ! walnut,oak,and cherry. The bottom design came from another fellow lumberjock. thanks for lookin'
  12. table

    table oak with intarsia made of walnaut 80×220x75cm
  13. 65 Mustang

  14. Granddaugher's desk

    This was a labor of love for our granddaughter's 5th birthday. She just went crazy when she saw it. She already has it stocked. I found an you tube for making a writing desk and a the manual for a pressed wood desk kit, combined a little of each to come up with this desk. It's all red oak...
  15. Live edge bowl

    Well, it was a live edge when I started, but being new to turning, things just get smaller and smaller :) Red oak, aniline dye, wax/shellac friction finish. About 6 inches wide and 4 inches tall.
  16. Boxguy Goes Sappy

    Thanks for looking at this posting. Thanks especially to those of you who take time to comment, ask questions, or just say hello. I will respond to those who do, so check back for feedback. This is a short video Ken and I made. It is all about making and installing corner splines. Check it...
  17. Barstool Stone Inlays

    I was given a pair of old bar stools by customer and asked if I could "save" them. They were in pretty tough shape and had, at some point in their life, been given a haphazard and unfortunate coat of stain (far more "Molting Hyena" than "Dark Walnut"). Normally I build everything that I do...
  18. Wooden skidder

    I recently got into wood working my first chosen project was the toys and joy clark skidder. I used the prints and made it my own. There is a video i did before the stain. is the link
  19. Mystery Box

    This project was made at the request of my son and future daughter-in-law for their wedding reception. It was made to receive cards and notes from guests. I built it as a "mystery box" that looks like it has no way of being opened. It makes use of what is known as a "shaker latch" of the type...
  20. A First Time for Everything! Tablesaw Jig! turns both inside and out of wood bowl!

    I don't think I've had this much fun with a Jig in a long time.. Check out the attached video to watch this really cool little jig in action! Using the jig i am able to use my table saw to create the traditional parabolic curved shape on the outside of a wood bowl. Fun project with great results!!!
1-20 of 500 Results