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Simple Tiered Coin Rack
Spoons of the perfect size for a muffin!
Rustic twisted bookcase made from oak pallet wood, ebony stain, and topped with a candle lantern.
I made this corn hole set for my granddaughter. Each board is hinged to fold in half for easier storage and transportation. A 3/4" dowel slides through holes in the cross members to lock the unit in the open position, keep the 2 halves in alignment, and take stress off the hinges. The spool...
solid oak Morris chair made the traditional way with traditional no modern fasteners an a danish oil finish.
Galss top table sitting on 2 bases
Teak, 24" high, mortise & tenon, wipe on poly, tung oil
White oak queen bed
A friend asked for a new sewing table with a folding extension. I added a built in 5" power grommet with outlets to allow her to plug in a light and other items that she might want.
Live edge bench from the Mother-in-law's tree
Mesquite knife box
Epoxy and Mahogany bottle opener plaques. The orange one was using some scraps off another board I had laying around. The edges are routed with a ogee bit and after sanding, four holes were drilled in the back to accommodate the 1/4" rare earth magnets which are epoxied in. I did find I needed...
Epoxy and wood coaster sets. One is purpleheart and a mix of silver and copper mica powders mixed into the epoxy. The other set is using two pieces of scrap cast in the same mold.
Porsche Lovers box with wheel cap as ornament.
Was asked to make another set of Cornhole Boards for a guy in Missouri, ( I live in N.W. Kansas). He's a deer hunter so made a regulation sized set with a type of 3-D paint set-up. Used brown for a basecoat for fall colors. Then used various leaves and shed antlers in three camo colors in...
Back to boat work this week, new owner of a Westsail 32 needed scupper covers port & stbd. for side deck drains. Made a template for the port side and I'm here to tell you, in 44 years of custom shipbuilding this is the 1st time the other side of the boat was what we call equal and opposite...
I made this tote out of some scrap wood I had laying around. I built it mainly to practice hand tool joinery. The sides and tall uprights are maple. The ends are Douglas fir. The handle and bottom are oak. Joints used: Stopped groove Stopped dado Dovetail Wedged mortise and tenon I added pegs...
A little seasonal flair. Redheart, Yellowheart, Walnut, Oak, Ash, Ash (dyed), Poplar, Wenge, Spanish Cedar, Chechen, Goncalo Alves and Padauk.
Bottle stopper from SpectraPly
Combination Toaster Tongs and Oven Rack Puller/Pusher
A reading light shaped like a cat
Kitchen cabinet remodel
Finished up the restoration of this Old Chalkboard added a small tray for chalk to the bottom and a piece of 1/4 round to the top so chalk rested there doesn't fall behind... The "rest of the story" was Here Testing out the new set-up here... Where's the heat?! It's cold in here... 23...
Quick 1 dat project
Fourteen tops for kids
This is a Norfolk Island pine slab that wanted to be a desk. I have had the dovetailed legs in my head for many years. I saw it somewhere but don't remember where. The geometry for the mahogany legs and trays was inspired by Mark Spagnolo AKA the wood whisperer. The angles (34 degrees) were just...
This is just a test to see if I can add a new showcase.
8”x3”x2”. Walnut with spalted hackberry lid. Inlayed keychain with great niece’s name. Rattle can lacquer and felt bottom. 1/8” brass pin hinges.
gate to prevent baby scoot-about from going down stairs
Wooden USA Flag
I made two of these last year- the larger one given as an Xmas gift. Cherry salvaged from a remodel, leather and padding from my leather couch that I dismantled. Dominos, corner blocks. Top is fastened with screws through the corner blocks.
Lacquer Painted with glass Shelves (Approx. 47" x 118" x 22")
My wife has joined a beginners Mahjong group with a few of her friends. She asked me to make a few tile holders to use in place of the cheap plastic holders that come with her cheap game set. As usual, I got carried away. Probably spent as much time making jigs as the finished product. I have...