Show me your 5" dust collection fittings!!

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Forum topic by CaptainKlutz posted 08-10-2020 10:29 AM 809 views 3 times favorited 19 replies Add to Favorites Watch
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08-10-2020 10:29 AM

Topic tags/keywords: question humor dust collector safety

Just like the title says, I want to see pictures of the 5” dust collection fittings YOU used in your shop!

Not, 3 inch, 4 inch, or 6 inch; but 5 INCH!

Plastic? Metal? Home made?

Let’s see those:
T-junctions, Y-junctions, Size adapters, blast gates, hose fittings, and machine ports.
Lot’s of machine ports please! Post them ALL!

Background: (If you care)

All the published literature on dust collection says you should use the largest duct size your dust collector can safely maintain proper duct velocity to avoid clogs. While most 1.5-2HP dust collectors come with 6” inlet port, most can not keep with minimum velocity required with long pipe runs, or even short 6” spiral hose due SP loss. Using 5” seems to be the sweet spot for overall performance.

Onieda offers a SDD that has a 5 inch inlet port to help optimize dust collection in shop. But why do they show adapters to 4in to choke the air flow, and reduce dust collection?

Because there has been a lack of 5” dust collection options in the market!
Doesn’t help that majority hobby machine ports are 4”, and everyone seems to think that using 4” is OK, when it is bare minimum for most machines?

Where are the aftermarket 5” machine ports?

Really, where are they hiding? The only thing stopping me using a 5” system is lack machine port solutions. If I could find an off shelf 5” machine port like the 4” molded versions, I would use them. Want all of my larger tools; Table saw, 8” jointer, 15” & 20” planer (have OEM 5” port), router table, 17” bandsaw (need a 5in to (2) 4in for last two), edge belt sander, etc; to use a 5” hose connection back to DC.

For past couple of decades, moved shops way too often to install permanent duct work. So I roll my dust collector between machines with a single 4” hose hookup, using the Rockcrap Dust Right hose fitting for quick changes between tools. When I added a 15” planer, the 4” hose and dust collector struggles to keep up with chips generated, unless the hose is as straight as possible back to impeller. Recently added a 20” planer, and now I see slow moving dust jams and know I need to upgrade to 5” hose. When I added edge belt sander, realized the 4” port did not have enough volume to remove the dust properly either (thanks to dust cloud around me). Still can’t figure out why mfg continue to put a little 4” port on most machines? sigh.

Sure you can find a local HVAC duct shop to make you fittings, but the ones I find locally don’t want to make me one fitting at a time for next new machine without minimum charge. Their version of machine port is plate with 3” 26ga tube sticking out it, with little crimps that leak air really bad. DC hose crushes the thin metal. Can always order online from Oneida or Spiral at cost of $15-25 per fitting, but that seems just as ridiculous?
Are there any no affordable 5” dust collection bits?

The only retail choice of 5” fittings I have seen is at Woodcraft, but they are all made to connect to to a 5” HOSE, not machine ports I own.

Here is the list I found:
Woodcraft recently added a 5” flex hose end cuff, what ever that is?

Threaded end for hose, but it doesn’t fit any 5 ports I have tried without heating stretching it wider?

How about a 5 to 4 reducer that is same size 5” machine port?

These fittings all required connections with spiral hose, or the more expensive Fernco couplers:

The fittings from Oneida have OD made to fit hose, not an ID to attach to machine port:

Here is my list of 5” couplers I found and tried for connections:
5.01 to 5.01 ID (4” plastic socket to socket)
5.29 to 5.29 ID (4” clay pipe OD)
5.51 to 5.51 ID (5” Cast iron or PVC pipe OD)

To get machine port pictures started, here is some I have in my shop:

A 5” machine port on Delta 15” planer with 4” hose adapter:

A 5” port on Jet JWP-208 20” planer:

Join the fun!
Share your 5” dust collection solution, PLEASE!

Thanks for reading
Apologies if it sounds like am complaining. Purpose is to share solutions.


-- If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all, - Albert King - Born Under a Bad Sign released 1967

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#1 posted 08-10-2020 11:44 AM

Cap’n I’m no help on 5” fittings besides suggesting an hvac supplier (off the shelf parts should be able to be fit up without much fuss if you’re a little handy with snips and rivets).
But I’ve been hearing other members singing praises about 3d printing dust collector fittings and the like. I’m thinking a $200-500 model would pay for itself pretty easily- I’ve been on the fence but I feel like I’m about to fall on the buy it side

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#2 posted 08-10-2020 12:20 PM

+1 on 3D printing them. I’ve created a few for my shop vac. With just a little work you can design whatever you need. I didn’t see many 5” fittings (the few I saw were mostly designed for fan exhaust ports) when I just did a quick search but is a good source for ideas that you can modify for your own needs.

-- Nathan, TX -- Hire the lazy man. He may not do as much work but that's because he will find a better way.

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John Jardin

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#3 posted 08-10-2020 12:47 PM

A more creative member of our local guild had a very interesting program addressing exactly what the Captain correctly recognizes as a problem. This guy turns molded forms of wood and then heats PVC pipe forcing it into the turned form. Very effective but of course does not solve the problem of more complex fittings.

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#4 posted 08-10-2020 01:10 PM

Is the Nordfab 5” machine port ( of any use to you? I used the 7” machine port to connect to my V3000, but I’m going to a whole Nordfab duct setup. But maybe you can get from that to your 5” hose?

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#5 posted 08-10-2020 01:54 PM

Is the Nordfab 5” machine port ( of any use to you? I used the 7” machine port to connect to my V3000, but I m going to a whole Nordfab duct setup. But maybe you can get from that to your 5” hose?
- DaveMills

Thanks. Keep them coming!

IMHO -the missing solution is a inexpensive molded ‘collared flange’ as it is sometimes called.
The HD welded ones leak around base without RTV, are not sized for 5” hose – only 5” pipe, and cost $30+SH at Oneida.

Bell Plastics has a 5” machine port for $26:

But the attachment pipe is very short, ~1in? Have a 4” version, and hose works loose due the short length if you move it around too much.

I am hoping some other LJ knows of better versions?

-- If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all, - Albert King - Born Under a Bad Sign released 1967

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#6 posted 08-10-2020 02:29 PM

cap’n that seems really high for those fittings from oneida, how about this instead? I could probably walk into the local supply house and get them cheaper but they are more strict now about selling to walk-ins without licenses so that may not be an option for you.
As for leaks, it’s common to use fiber reinforced mastic for hvac seams- just paint it on with a chip brush and it won’t leak.

As for the sizing- what is the ID of the 5” hose? 5” pipe is 5” ID, is the hose sized to slip over 5” pipe?

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#7 posted 08-10-2020 02:36 PM

I’m currently doing a 6” set up, and in checking everyplace I can find, and also talking with the HVAC guys who did my in house furnace, and also put the old furnace into the shop I can say 5” just isn’t a number I came across with any regularity. 4, 6, and even some 8” I can get, but any odd number just isn’t there.

From that I think if you can’t do sheet metal work, and cobble together your own that your only options are to make a lot of stacked plywood fittings, and smear them with some kind of super sealer to keep them from leaking. Or go to the 3D printing thing.

I started with sheet metal, and quickly abandoned it, that stuff is a PIA to work with. The most harmonious marriage is either 4 or 6” with the thin walled PVC Waste line pipe, and regular 4 or 6” Water line PVC fittings. Fits like a glove, and also marries to regular mass produced items like blast gates. For any weird couplings, or just to introduce a point easily opened in case of a clogged line, you can put in a Fernco, and maintain a tight seal, and still pop it on and off at your leisure as needed. At Menards I did see some Fernco’s that could work with 5”, but they wouldn’t fit every instance. All your 45’s and slow 90”s Wyes, and the like you would have to go fish.

Sorry I can’t offer a list of items for you to use.

-- Think safe, be safe

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#8 posted 08-12-2020 10:33 PM

I have a mostly 5” system. But, 4” hose to machines. Cast iron ports, not replaceable. And yes, why do machines come with 4”? Why not larger that can be reduced? I buy my long radius adjustable 90’s from Oneida. Just not worth making them, and mine would not be adjustable. For Y and double Y fittings, ( a T is useless for dust collection) I purchased a spot welder from harbor freight. One I made a pattern to trace, it was easy. Then use duct seal paint to make it airtight. I also paint the long joints on the snap Lok pipe. I use 26 gauge, but my supplier was low on that, so I also have some 24 gauge. I make 5” Y’s, and 5” run, 4” tap Y’s. I posted a pattern some time back. When I connect my 15” planer, I plan to go with 5” flex, but it will reduce at the machine. I have a 2hp DC, started as a North State with chip, not dust, collection bags. Converted it with a jet pleated filter and plastic bag, then added the vortex cone when it became available. There is an article in Wood magazine about 5” being the sweet spot for my size machine. It seems to be, as it works great. PM me if you want to. I can copy and send you patterns.

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#9 posted 08-12-2020 11:27 PM

Well today I stumbled upon some 125mm (4.92”) & 5” fittings on Amazon intended for external vents of portable AC systems, and dryer vents? The plastic versions look wimpy compared to 4” dust collection fittings. The mounting flange is really small too? Roughly $10 each, which is a reasonable price, if they work.
Guess I will have to order some and see if they fit 5” dust collector hose, unless someone here has already done that?

Also found a 5” to dual 4” 45° Y fitting from Big Horn Corp:

5” dust collection should not be this hard!

-- If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all, - Albert King - Born Under a Bad Sign released 1967

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#10 posted 08-13-2020 02:24 AM

Norfab was mentioned above. Have you searched through the entire line of Norfab 5” ducts and fittings? Grizzly has a 5” starter kit for example, though it is pretty pricey. If you search Amazon for Norfab 5”, you will find some there too. They are pretty proud of them. Of course for those prices you could design them and have a 3D-print fabricator make them for you.

-- Nathan, TX -- Hire the lazy man. He may not do as much work but that's because he will find a better way.

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#11 posted 08-13-2020 10:36 AM

... Of course for those prices you could design them and have a 3D-print fabricator make them for you.

- Lazyman

For those prices you could buy your own 3D printer.

-- Dave, Tippecanoe County, IN --- Is there a corollary to Beranek.s Law that applies to dust collection?

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#12 posted 08-13-2020 11:07 AM

Our shop manager 3D prints custom DC fittings. Apparently they’re pretty strong and hold up well.

-- Jim, Georgia, USA

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#13 posted 08-22-2020 01:41 AM

Hello again!

Broke down and bought some 5” flex hose from Woodcraft on sale this week. Couple of flange fittings arrived too. Proceeded to test fit all the 5” bits I have collected, and thought I would share:

Tested the fit on a 4 in. x 4 in. PVC DWV to Sewer and Drain Adapter. The OD of the DWV (schedule 40) pipe coupler is 5.035”. My 5” hose fits over it with minor stretch. Drop of soap for lubrication made it easy.

Almost don’t need a hose clamp to keep it tight, but due short length I will use one. This means can use 5” hose from your 5” cyclone inlet to reduce down to 4” thin wall S&D without needing a special 5” adapter. Handy if you have 5” hose laying around, or need flexible connection to cyclone.

Also tested a couple flanged fittings to hose.

This one above is from Amadud link posted earlier, and has a taper which fit loose on hose till hose is completely pressed to flange. It needs a house clamp to keep hose from slipping off.

But it does fit the new Woodcraft Rubber Flexible Hose End Cuff for 5in hose hose shown below, and appears to stay tight once vacuum is pulling.

The bottom flange above is a Take off Start Collar from BORG, The OD is slightly less than 5” like the other plastic flange, but it is not tapered. Hose stays attached due the longer length and the extra lips at end. It comes with self adhesive gasket to help seal the flange. :-)
These plastic fittings are wimpy, even compared to regular 4” plastic fittings; will have to be kind while using them? Still waiting on delivery of metal flange, before I decide which to use on new machine ports.

Sort of like the Woodcraft Flexible Hose End Cuff? It slides on/off my 5” planer port pretty easy, but stays secure, and is almost impossible to remove with dust collector running. It also fits the standard 5 to 4 Plastic adapter for changing to 4” hose.

Been using the Dust right quick change handle and adapters on my tools for several years. The rubber hose end cuff is not as easy to shove on/off as Dust Right head, but it looks like it might be a tolerable cheaper replacement. It comes in 4” version, that will be much cheaper than dust right handle and fittings. :-)

Struggled with one fitting that I didn’t expect to create an issue?
Bought a 6in to 5in reducer from WoodCraft, made by Oneida. It doesn’t fit the 5” hose, as it is made to go over 5” pipe. :-(
The 6in end slides over the dust collector inlet, which is also technically incorrect as it should fit inside the pipe so that the lip doesn’t deflect the air stream. Had to drill out a rivet to reduce the inlet size to get hose onto the fitting. The metal edge is pretty sharp considering the hose is going to moved a lot, so it also needs to have rolled front edge but I saved that for another day. Have a rube-goldberg solution that needs improvement, but it let test out hose and fittings.

Still need to update to 5” ports a my tools, but there is hope I can have a 100% 5” dust collection hose/fittings in near future?

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

-- If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all, - Albert King - Born Under a Bad Sign released 1967

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#14 posted 08-22-2020 06:24 PM

All of my ducting and blast gates are 5” nordfab but reduced to 4” at the machines. When I installed the duct work, about 5 years ago I could not find 5” flex or machine fittings. After using it, I don’t see a need to change the machine ports.

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#15 posted 08-22-2020 09:30 PM

I have a 1st gen oneida mini gorilla with a 5” inlet.

It has one 12’ flex hose with a metal 5->4 adapter at the end that ties to a dustright nozzle,
I put it to whichever machine I am using.

-- derek / oregon

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