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Bob #2

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12-14-2009 10:00 PM

Topic tags/keywords: humor

Comments made in the Year 1955!

‘I’ll tell you one thing, if things
Keep going the way they are,
it’s going to be impossible to
Buy a week’s groceries for

‘Have you seen the new cars
Coming out next year? It won’t
Be long before $1, 000.00 will
Only buy a used one.

‘If cigarettes keep going up in
Price, I’m going to quit. 20 cents
A pack is ridiculous.

‘Did you hear the post office is
Thinking about charging 7 cents
Just to mail a letter

‘If they raise the minimum wage
To $1.00, nobody will be able to
Hire outside help at the store.

‘When I first started driving, who
Would have thought gas would
Someday cost 25 cents a gallon.
Guess we’d be better off leaving
The car in the garage.

‘I’m afraid to send my kids to the
Movies any more Ever since they
Let Clark Gable get by with saying
It seems every new movie has
Either HELL or DAMN in it.

‘I read the other day where some
Scientist thinks it’s possible to put
A man on the moon by the end of
The century. They even have some
Fellows they call astronauts
Preparing for it down inTexas ..

‘Did you see where some baseball
Player just signed a contract for
$50,000 a year just to play ball?
It wouldn’t surprise me if someday
They’ll be making more than the

‘I never thought I’d see the day
All our kitchen appliances would
Be electric. They are even making
Electric typewriters now.

‘It’s too bad things are so tough
Nowadays. I see where a few
Married women are having to
Work to make ends meet.

‘It won’t be long before young
Couples are going to have to hire
Someone to watch their kids so
They can both work.

‘I’m afraid the Volkswagen car
Is going to open the door to a
Whole lot of foreign business.

‘Thank goodness I won’t live to
See the day when the Government
Takes half our income in taxes. I
Sometimes wonder if we are
Electing the best people to

‘The drive-in restaurant is
Convenient in nice weather,
But I seriously doubt they
Will ever catch on.

‘There is no sense going on short
Trips anymore for a weekend, it
Costs nearly $2.00 a night to stay
In a hotel.

‘No one can afford to be sick
Anymore, at $15.00 a day in
The hospital, it’s too rich for
My blood.’

‘If they think I’ll pay 30 cents
For a hair cut, forget it.’

-- A mind, like a home, is furnished by its owner

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#1 posted 12-14-2009 10:18 PM

My earliest memories were gasoline at 23.9 per gallon, a loaf of bread for a quarter, hot dogs at Wienerschnitzel for a quarter and nickel popsicles and donuts. My mother would pull into a gas station and say “give me a dollars worth”.

-- Ohh mann...pancakes and boobies...I'll bet that's what Heaven is like! ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣

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#2 posted 12-14-2009 10:25 PM

On the other hand, when I started my first professional job, I bought a new car, which cost half a year’s salary ($16,000/32,000). I complained to my dad, who told me the same thing happened to him, only it was $2000/$4000.

-- "A man may conduct himself well in both adversity and good fortune, but if you want to test his character, give him power." - Abraham Lincoln

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#3 posted 12-14-2009 10:48 PM

I used to go to town on Saturday with .50. .25 got me a hamburger, frys, and a coke at the Dairy Queen. .10 got me in the movies and.15 got me a coke and a huge box of popcorn. That was 1958. Oh! and an ounce of gold was $20.00. Rampid inflation? Naww never happen.

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#4 posted 12-14-2009 10:52 PM

I remember my dad sending my brother and I to Standard Brands Paint Store with 5 empty one gallon cans and $1. We were to get paint thinner (10 cents a gallon) and we could stop at the ice cream store on the way back, but he wanted the change when we returned.

-- Doug, Bakersfield, CA - I measured twice, cut it twice, and it is still too short!

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#5 posted 12-14-2009 11:00 PM

Happy Birthday.

I hate to think back to the things we bought. Candy Bars 5 cents, 6 for a quarter.

-- I've been blessed with a father who liked to tinker in wood, and a wife who lets me tinker in wood. Appomattox Virginia [email protected]

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#6 posted 12-14-2009 11:01 PM

One of my earliest memories is 3 candy bars for a dime at the drug store. And they were big candy bars.

Over the years I watched them get smaller and smaller and all of a sudden they got back to normal size but were called king size and they charged you more. After a while the stopped printing king size on them and it started all over again.

It’s still happening today.

-- Gary - Never pass up the opportunity to make a mistake look like you planned it that way - Tyler, TX

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#7 posted 12-14-2009 11:23 PM

Someone asked the other day, ’ What was your favorite fast food when you were growing up? ’

‘We didn ’ t have fast food when I was growing up, ’ I informed him.

‘All the food was slow. ‘

‘C ’ mon, seriously. Where did you eat? ‘

‘It was a place called “at home”, I explained. !

‘Mom cooked every day and when Dad got home from work, we sat down together at the kitchen table, and if I didn’t like what she put on my plate I was allowed to sit there until I did like it. ‘

By this time, the kid was laughing so hard I was afraid he was going to suffer serious internal damage, so I didn’t tell him the part about how I had to have permission to leave the table.

But here are some other things I would have told him about my childhood if I figured his system could have handled it :

Some parents NEVER owned their own house, wore Levis, set foot on a golf course, traveled out of the country or had a credit card.

In their later years, they had something called a revolving charge card. The card was good only at Sears Roebuck. Or maybe it was Sears & Roebuck.
Either way, there is no Roebuck anymore. Maybe he died..

My parents never drove me to soccer practice. This was mostly because we never had heard of soccer. I had a bicycle that weighed probably 50 pounds, and only had one speed, (slow).

We didn’t have a television in our house until I was 13.
It was, of course, black and white, and the station went off the air at midnight, after playing the national anthem and a poem about God; it came back on the air at about 6 a.m. and there was usually a locally produced news and farm show on, featuring local people.

I was 15 before I tasted my first pizza, it was called ’ pizza pie. ‘
When I bit into it, I burned the roof of my mouth and the cheese slid off, swung down, plastered itself against my chin and burned that, too.. It’s still the best pizza I ever had.

I never had a telephone in my room.
The only phone in the house was in the living room and it was on a party line Before you could dial, you had to listen and make sure some people you didn’t know weren’t already using the line.

Pizzas were not delivered to our home. But milk was.

All newspapers were delivered by boys and all boys delivered newspapers—I delivered a newspaper, six days a week. It cost 3 cents a paper, of which I got to keep 1 cent. On Saturday, I had to collect the 18 cents from my customers. My favorite customers were the ones who gave me 20 cents and told me to keep the change My least favorite customers were the ones who seemed to never be home on collection day.

Movie stars kissed with their mouths shut. At least, they did in the movies. There were no movie ratings because all movies were responsibly produced for everyone to enjoy viewing, without profanity or violence or most anything offensive.

If you grew up in a generation before there was fast food, you may want to share some of these memories with your children or grandchildren. Just don’t blame me if they bust a gut laughing.

Growing up isn’t what it used to be, is it?

MEMORIES from a friend :
My Dad is cleaning out my grandmother’s house (she died in December) and he brought me an old Royal Crown Cola bottle. In the bottle top was a stopper with a bunch of holes in it… I knew immediately what it was, but my daughter had no idea. She thought they had tried to make it a salt shaker or something. I knew it as the bottle that sat on the end of the ironing board to’sprinkle’ clothes with because we didn’t have steam irons. Man, I am old.
Head lights dimmer switches on the floor.
Ignition switches on the dashboard.
Heaters mounted on the inside of the fire wall..
Real ice boxes.
Pant leg clips for bicycles without chain guards.
Soldering irons you heat on a gas burner.
Using hand signals for cars without turn signals.

How many do you remember?

Older Than Dirt Quiz :
Count all the ones that you remember not the ones you were told about.
Ratings at the bottom.

1. Blackjack chewing gum & Teaberry also (my favs)
2.Wax Coke-shaped bottles with colored sugar water
3. Candy cigarettes
4. Soda pop machines that dispensed glass bottles
5. Coffee shops or diners with tableside juke boxes
6. Home milk delivery in glass bottles with cardboard stoppers
7. Party lines on the telephone
8. Newsreels before the movie
9. P.F. Flyers
10. Butch wax
11. TV test patterns that came on at night after the last show and were there until TV shows started again in the morning. (there were only 3 channels [if you were fortunate])
12. Peashooters
13. Howdy Doody
14. 45 RPM records
15. S& H greenstamps
16. Hi-fi ’ s
17. Metal ice trays with lever
18. Mimeograph paper
19. Blue flashbulb
20. Packards
21. Roller skate keys
22. Cork popguns
23. Drive-ins
24. Studebakers
25.. Wash tub wringers

If you remembered 0-5 = You’re still young
If you remembered 6-10 = You are getting older
If you remembered 11-15 = Don’t tell your age,
If you remembered 16-25 = You’re older than dirt!
I might be older than dirt but those memories are some of the best of my life.

-- Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else

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#8 posted 12-15-2009 12:00 AM

my favorite one is from 1908 “The horseless carriage while they may soon be produced for under 1000 dollars will never catch on to the degree of the bicycle”

unfortunately the only inflation i’ve ever witnessed is when my favorite hot dogs went up from 1.50 to 1.75. you guys are talking about hot dogs for a quarter… geeezzz

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#9 posted 12-15-2009 12:05 AM

Ah! I remember when I first saw an add for PF Fliers, ” You can run faster and jump higher with PF Fliers” I pestered my mother until she bought me a pair. Those were great shoes.

I remember all but the first item on the list, so I’m older than dirt!

-- Proud Supporter of Homes For Our Troops

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#10 posted 12-15-2009 12:05 AM

I can remember 24, # `18 I am not sure of.

Guess I can join the “older then dirt crowd”.


-- My Father was my mentor for my woodworking hobby and knowledge. Luv ya Dad.

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#11 posted 12-15-2009 12:08 AM

teenagewoodworker – You will get to see it happening all over again. Save some of your advertisements and have some laughs (or maybe some crying) 30-50 years from now.

My parents bought a house in 1956 for less than $10,000. In 2006 it sold for $450,000. At that rate in 2056 it will sell again for $20,250,000. OVER 20 MILLION!

-- Gary - Never pass up the opportunity to make a mistake look like you planned it that way - Tyler, TX

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#12 posted 12-15-2009 12:16 AM


Blackjack chewing gum was licorice flavored and turned your mouth black. It is still produced in small batches by Beemans once a year.


Mimoegraph paper was that paper pringted in a blue/purple color that your school tests, etc. were printed on. When they were fresh they smelled like alchohol. I remember having to stay after school (I wasn’t the best behaved little boy in the class) and help the teacher print the tests (even though I saw them ahead of time, I didn’t do well). I think the mimeograph solution had a higher VOC than lacquer thinner!

I must be really old,because I can rember all these and much more! If only I could remember my pt dinosaur’s name?

-- Doug, Bakersfield, CA - I measured twice, cut it twice, and it is still too short!

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#13 posted 12-15-2009 12:23 AM

“If you remembered 0-5 = You’re still young
If you remembered 6-10 = You are getting older
If you remembered 11-15 = Don’t tell your age,
If you remembered 16-25 = You’re older than dirt!”
I scored a 25, and invented dirt. LOL I remember White castles were 5cents each,50cents a dozen. If anyone does not know WC, they are the original sliders. LMAO

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#14 posted 12-15-2009 12:58 AM

Not only do we pay more, but we get significantly less! Anybody check a lb. of coffee lately? They’re now 11.5 oz.’s! And re: Woodworking, what about “2 X 4’s”?! How much smaller are they going to get? :-(

-- Mike in Concord, NH---Unpleasant tasks are simply worthy challenges to improve skills.

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#15 posted 12-15-2009 01:00 AM

I can remember all 25 and many more.

-- RTB. stray animals are just looking for love

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