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Forum topic by Shahidan posted 10-18-2015 05:51 AM 1172 views 0 times favorited 12 replies Add to Favorites Watch
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10-18-2015 05:51 AM

You are young at heart You do not want to feel old but you can’t stop getting old. You think you could still do many things you were able to do years ago. As time goes by you find that you are no longer able to many things you used to do .

Now you realize that sometimes you mind does not seem to work. You are suffering from mental aberration. Hell,now you couldn’t remember where you place the tool you are using just now. You like to keep odd and ends because you think they could be useful later on. When the time comes for you to use them you completely lost track where you kept them.You have kept them in a safe place you would not forget. You get annoyed because when you kept them somewhere you thought you could always find them again. Sheet,you can’t trust your memory anymore.Not too bad,your still remember where you keep your cash because you are in contact with it everyday.You are also getting stingy because you do have as much money as before.

years ago you could walk along the roof ridge of your house. You repaired the roof leaks yourself. You l could still do that,you think, but now your whole body is shaking with fear as you reach the top rung of the ladder. Alright, you mange to climb up but then you wonder whether you can get down down. Your fear of height is getting over you. You are not sure which leg should go down first. You will be the joke of the whole town when you were helped down by fire fighters.Now it has dawned on you that you are are no longer young.

You are feeling unsure of yourself when driving. You find driving at night is a torture. You throw bucketfuls of cursing and blasphemy. Those stupid drivers must be blind because their headlights are too bright and are obstructing your vision You do not want to admit to you wife beside you the fact that your eyesight is getting bad. You tend to snap at her when she tells you that. In actual fact you know she was right because you are not able to do much without your spectacles. You can’t even draw a straight like without them perching on you nose.

As time goes on you are less tolerant of comments you don’t like. You feel it is better to shut your mouth as much as possible to avoid negative comments. You end up talking to yourself ,grumbling about all things is world.

Day by day you are getting lonelier . Many good friend are gone forever. Many good friends are getting sick or bedridden. You are lucky you are still strong but you are having less people who can share your feelings. You are now spending less time at the coffee shop as you seldom have somebody to talk to.

You feel a loss of love. Your children seldom talk to you because there is nothing in common to talk about.They leave you alone.

You are now a lonely old man. Sometimes you wish your time would come sooner. You feel people close to you have forgotten all the good things you have done for them.

We old people need rejuvenation and love. I hope young people should remember this . Remember the happy times you spend with your old men when you were young and playful. Remember the time when your old men did everything for you even in difficult times.It is time to make them happy.


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#1 posted 10-18-2015 12:15 PM

Seems to hit home, i dont feel old, except when my neck, shoulder or arm hurts from old mr. aruthur itis as i like to call it. I only feel lonely at nite when the house is empty and i have no one to talk to. I dont forget things much, just takes longer to remember. As for not being able to remember where i put something, i just use something different. No i am not old, but it takes the barber a lot less time to cut my hair and even less time to comb it. The only thing keeping me sane is going out to the shop and making something. I have a ton of mallets but it makes me feel alive to use my tools and remember the work i use to do. I guess you could say getting older just SUCKS!!!!

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#2 posted 10-18-2015 12:16 PM

Oh Boy. It is just starting for me and sometimes it almost kills me to think about what is coming. We all still see ourselves as 18 and bulletproof, but we are just kidding ourselves. I have always known that it wasn’t just me, but seeing it in writing is sobering. Thank you…I think.

-- "Now I'm just another old guy wearing funny clothes"

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#3 posted 10-18-2015 07:07 PM

I have no words…How do you know me so well?

-- 1tatonkajim

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#4 posted 10-18-2015 08:19 PM

Yes I am getting old, but the more I work my mind the better it works, so if it gets too bad, I can only
blame myself. If I can not find something in my shop, then it is time for me to clean it and get things
organized. A couple of years ago, my roof was getting bad, I was thinking about redoing it myself, since
I worked as a roofer one summer during college, my son informed me that if I tried to start on that roof,
he would break my leg, so I stopped and realized that I had enough money to have someone else do the
roof, but not enough to install an elevator in the house if I broke my body up falling off the roof. You
just have to look at things a little different than when you were younger. I now wear trifocals and my reflexes are not what they used to be, so I can no longer ride a motorcycle
at 100mph, but it is a lot of fun to go slower and enjoy the scenery. I have to watch my comments more than I used to and I have had to find new friends. If I need more
there are quite a few activity groups and the Senior Citizen center, I have even visited it a few times. The kids are busy and I can no longer get up in the mountains with my son when the snow is
four feet deep and it is 20 below, but my grandson can go with him, and my grandson is being taught
to hunt the same way my son was. I have a Library card, and if I need books to read that I do not have, I can go there and borrow them.
I can read the paper and research news on line so I have something interesting to talk to the kids about
and I keep in touch with the kids and grandkids from Florida to Alaska on facebook If I get lonely I know I can get out and meet people. When I get too old to move, then I guess I
I will find out how good I was. A young lady at the store told me that I always seemed to be happy and
had a smile for her, without thinking I said that if I did not smile, my grand kids would not like me. She
informed me that her grandfather was a grouch and she did not like to be around him. That made me
decide that if I wanted friends, I was going to have to be a friend. I guess we are all self made men or people, and if we do not like what we are, we will have to change
it ourselves.

-- As ever, Gus-the 80 yr young apprentice carpenter

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#5 posted 10-18-2015 10:18 PM


We are like an old automobile. It needs repairs most of the time but it will not be as good as a new one.I wish there is a well somewhere with water that makes me young again and start afresh. He-haw.he-haw…..says the ass.

Bluepine 38.

I have only one son and no grandchildren. You are lucky,man. Smile more,it wouldn’t hurt.Only it hurts when nobody returns your smile.
Like you I have two close friends My tom cat likes me because I am his caterer. The workshop is my closest friend. Sometime I was in the workshop chair for hours on end doing nothing. I just wonder what those wealthy old men are doing with so much money.

Well, I am an old man you know.

Welcome to the club.

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#6 posted 10-19-2015 01:33 AM

I’m only 63, and retired less than a year ago (31 OCT 14). Before I retired, I couldn’t walk without bumping into things in my garage (it’s pretty tightly packed). I discovered that my sedentary lifestyle of sitting in the car for at least 3 hours (depending on traffic, worst case was 6 hours) per day was robbing me of enough exercise. I read a column by “AskDoctorK”, and discovered exercises for balance that helped considerably. I do the exercises twice a week, and have better balance (and less anxiety on ladders) than I have had in decades! I don’t really consider myself “old”, but on my father’s side of the family, only one male has lived past 58 YO, and he was combat wounded 4 times. Go figure.

As far as smiling at people, and not having it returned, that isn’t your fault, and, just maybe, it will make that person feel better, even if it doesn’t show just at that moment. Your smile is still free, and some days people need a free gift.

I know that when Mads posts, and types “smiles” at the end, it actually makes me feel better. It doesn’t take an actual smile from a person to make people feel better.

-- Steven.......Random Orbital Nailer

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#7 posted 10-24-2015 03:43 PM

At 63 you are still young.

My workshop is also tiny and i keep bumping inti my bench and drill press.Now and then I rearranged the workshop trying to make space.No solution in avoiding the bumps. I wished for a bigger workshop although it is only a dream.

I don’t drive much during the day and don’t drive at all at night.And I tried not to smile too much either because that would expose too much missing teeth.

I am a friendly person…..

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#8 posted 10-26-2015 06:24 PM

I, I, I, I, forgot what I just read.


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#9 posted 10-26-2015 06:43 PM

67 and ready for the junk man to haul me off. Spinal surgery in June and having to use a walker just get from my chair to the dinner table is no picknic for the guy who built houses from the vacant lot to turnkey. Retired from surgery because I could no longer hold the instruments. Now I can’t even use an electric drill due to loss of sensation in my hands. Doc says that I am never to put my foot on a step stool let alone a ladder. I fell four times in one week and now they restrict me to being ground bound. I told them that I didn’t fall, That the ground just needed a hug, but they didn’t believe me. Hell no, I am not old! Just rode hard and put away wet.

-- Still trying to master kindling making

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#10 posted 10-28-2015 04:40 AM

I am 69 .Other than diabetes I do not have other health problems but as I said earlier I found most of my strength gone.
I am sorry to hear about your disabilities. It is unfortunate but I always believe that whatever has happened to you is fated by God. It is difficult to accept your condition but what else could you do. I know you are sad because you are unable to do the things that make you happy. I can’t ask you to be cheerful as life is so difficult for you. Those who suffer will know better.

I wieh you would well again.

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#11 posted 10-28-2015 06:39 AM

After being malpracticed on with Topamax, my smile is back. The recovery has been a long row to hoe, but it is back! I have heard some say they don’t know if they can trust someone who smiles all the time ;-) I’m not sure if they trust me or not? Maybe they are just joking? Maybe they don’t know how to smile or have anything to smile about? I’m lazy. I find it easier to smile than to make a frown.

Life is what you make of it. I can assure you that anyone who says they have had pain at 11 on a 10 scale hasn’t really experienced unbearable pain or had chronic pain. We learn we never reached 10. When we think we have, it gets worse! The key is not letting it control your life.

Many of us have various disabilities. Accept them and be thankful they are not worse. I remember waiting in my optometrist’s when he couldn’t seem to make a pair of glasses that did not trigger terrible migraines. I looked out the window and saw a man with a red tipped white cane walking down the street. A few days later a fellow almost bumped into me at the bank. I turned to say why don’t you watch where you are going? He had a red tipped white cane too. He couldn’t watch where he was going, he could only feel his way through the world. My issues were only minor inconveniences compared to theirs.

-- Bob in WW ~ "some old things are lovely, warm still with life ... of the forgotten men who made them." - D.H. Lawrence

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#12 posted 10-30-2015 03:28 PM


I agree with you.
What you said put me in deep thought.
I am fortunate in many ways.I still have my eyesight(though not too good),my hands and legs (though not strong). I still can eat and drink.I can smile and talk.And I have my tiny workshop to play in.And I have a house of my own.
What the world would be like if I lose any of those things. There are people who are worst than me.
Lastly I trust in God and I have made a resolution to be satisfied with what I have.

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