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Well Howard, I was all ready to post my complete set of photos and instructions to the site. Then I thought - "What if somebody has already done it?" Sure enough, a quick search turned up your article, so I'm just adding my own thoughts to your excellent piece.

- I am a big fan of garolite (cloth embedded in resin - like the stuff circuit boards are made of, but without the copper) and it comes made from a variety of fibers and resin - I generally use linen or cotton in phenolic. It's tough stuff, but can easily be worked with woodworking tools - especially carbide bits.

- I started by measuring the diameter of my Rigid throat plate and selected a hole saw with an I.D. a little larger. Cut out two circles. Then mounted them with an arbor on the drill press, and used a bastard file clamped in a vise to keep it at the right angle
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1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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