FastCap - Zero Clearance Tape (Rating: 5)

Saw this reviewed on a YouTube video and I knew I had to try it. Utterly simple idea--a sturdy tape to create zero clearance on your chop saw.

To install, I used an oscillating tool to allow the tape to slide under the miter saw fence. Cut the tape ends to fit and stuck in on the saw. Can't get much easier than that.

In that the miter-saw turntable is slightly lower than the supporting flat surface of the saw, the tape brought the elevation of the cut to exactly the same height as the chop-saw table surface and outfeed tables. Maybe I was just lucky, but it was perfect at the start.

Of course you could used any tape for this (and I have) but it's nice to have a tape that's rigid enough to cut cleanly and support the cut. Got essentially zero chip out. The pack includes 5 strips, and I think it could be used on other tools. Under $7 for the pack.