Brandnew - Branding Iron (Rating: 5)

For awhile now i have been thinking about getting a branding iron until i saw how much a custom one would cost. Well after a lot of emailing people and figuring out prices i was almost going to give up because i was not going to pay 100s of dollars just for a toy that i didn't need. Then on amazon i saw one that you could email whatever your signature was to this company and they would make it you. So I shot them an email to see if what i had in mind would work and they said it would be just fine. I Finally got mine the other day as it takes a few weeks for them to make them custom and i was amazed as to how nice it really turned out! Here is a link to the amazon product.

If your looking for something that is custom but don't want to pay 100s then take a look at this company they do a great job!

The company is called Brandnew