Tool Shop - 24 piece router bit set (Rating: 2)

Here's a set I received as a gift. Most of the bits I have yet to use. A few have been used a few times. If you are only going to use these bits at most a few times each and not demanding great results then OK. But if you need quality results and don't want to play games with something just to use it then pass on them.

The case they come in is durable and each bits location is labeled with an image of the bit shape so that is a positive. The second picture I included shows the bearing on top of the round over bit. That bearing is missing the top cover to it. Thats because it came apart. Is the bearing quality a review of the router bit? Maybe yes, Maybe no but the bearings included in this kit aren't worth using more than once. One consistent thing I noticed with the bits I used from this kit were that after a couple of uses they no longer held any kind of an edge.

You do get what you pay for and this is no exception. This kit was useful for the few projects I had that didn't require great results. But anything more than that and you should look for a better bit or set of bits.

Cost of this kit ~ $1 per bit

Whiteside bit I used today for first time ~ $32 for one bit

Depends on what you need and for how long. Would I buy this again? Not sure. I'd really have to look at what I needed the bit/s for.

Thanks for reading