Ryobi - 1/4 Sheet Pad Sander Model # S652DK (Rating: 2)

Sorry to say that this little sander only gets a two star rating. I have had this sander less than a year and the bearing under the sanding plate has froze. It had such potential.

The loading of sandpaper is not that great. But once you get the paper aligned and under the holders its OK.


Dust control not great and shop vac couldn't be connected to the port.

The sander has been used maybe 6 times. The past two days it was being used to sand the planter boxes and benches I built out of cedar. The sander started to scream, blew it out with air and got quiet again for a bit. It started screaming again so I disassembled the plate and found the bearing is dry, lubed and worked a bit and got loud again. Took apart again and the bearing is locked on the shaft. It can be greased but to get the cover back on the back of the bearing is going to be close to impossible.

I liked the fact that you could use any 1/4 sheet on it. Comes with the paper punch that you just place the sander on top of it and poke the holes.

Light weight, didn't vibrate to bad until the bearing went.

I bought a new Dewalt at Home Depot last night and the manager told me to bring the Ryobi back for a refund or credit because the sander has a 3 year warranty on it..