Popular Woodworking - Blacksmithing for Woodworkers: Forging A Compass (Video Download) (Rating: 4)

Hi LJs!

I took advantage of the nice price and purchased the digital download: I couldn't be more satisfied watching it, being able to see somebody who masters his craft in such impressive way is delicious to say the least.

In the compass Peter builds in the video, one of the legs is "inside" the other one, that is, to form the pivot joint, well, the way he gets this left me with no words, he doesn't use sofisticated tools, CNC or fancy devices, ONLY his blacksmith tools, his strong hands and lots of expertise and pure ingenuity.
You don't need to be an expert to realize this guy is a MASTER, yes, I know many of you know his work but watching him is a complete different experience.

After watching this vid I was thinking to myself, do I really need to buy all the tools I use? Do I have to pay for everything I need, for everything I use?.
I have to consider puting my hands to their maximum potential, I don't have any physical disability or something, so, not using our natural capabilities is almost a sin (he he!).

So, I strongly recommend this video.

On a final note, purchasing this gives you the chance to download for free a short vid in which Peter explains the most important tools for blacksmithing, also Popular Woodworking gave me a 10% off coupon to use in my next purchase with them.

Thanks for reading.