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Hundreds of professional football players in our very own nation are currently locked out, living at well below their seven-figure salary level. As a result, they have been deprived of their life-sustaining pay for several months. But you can help!

For only $27,080 a month, or about $902.67 a day (that's less than the cost of a large-screen TV), you can help an NFL player remain economically viable during his time of need. This contribution by no means solves the problem, as it barely covers the annual minimum salary, but it's a start, and every little bit will help!

Although $900 may not seem like a lot of money to you, to a football player it could mean the difference between spending the lockout golfing in Florida or going on a Mediterranean cruise. For you, $900 is nothing more than a month's rent, a mortgage payment or a month of medical insurance, but to a football player $900 will partially replace his daily salary. Your commitment to only $900 a day will enable a player to buy that home entertainment center, trade in his year-old Lexus for a new Ferrari, or enjoy a weekend in Rio.


Each month, you will receive a complete financial report on the player you sponsor. Detailed information about his stocks, bonds, 401(k), real estate and other investment holdings will be mailed to your home. Plus, upon signing up for this program, you will receive an unsigned photo of the player lounging during the lockout on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean. (For a signed photo, please include an additional $150). Put the photo on your refrigerator to remind you of other peoples' suffering.


Your NFL player will be told that he has a SPECIAL FRIEND who just wants to help in his time of need. Although the player won't know your name, he will be able to make collect calls to your home via a special operator in case additional funds are needed for unforeseen expenses.

Remember, an extravagant lifestyle is a horrible thing to waste!



I would like to sponsor a locked-out NFL player. My preference is:

[ ] Offense [ ] Defense [ ] Special Teams [ ] Entire team

Please charge the account listed below $902..75 per day for the duration of the lockout. Please send me a picture of the player and my very own Roger Goodell pin to wear proudly on my hat. (Include $80 for hat)

Your Name: Telephone Number:
Account Number:

[ ] Master Card [ ] Visa [ ] American Express [ ] Other


Alternate credit card (for use when the primary card exceeds its credit limit):
Account Number: Exp.Date:
[ ] Maste rCard [ ] Visa [ ] American Express [ ] Other

Signature: _

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This is as they say . . . . "Priceless!"

Great perspective!!! Thanks for the smile on a Saturday morning!

Sheila :D

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The idea of a labor union for multimillionaires or even the poverty-stricken, minimum-salary rookie at around $300,000 per year is almost as ridiculous as the average net worth of an average NFL owner which is in the billions.

I'm not shedding any tears over the "plight" of NFL players, but what I'll never understand is why - in today's world - the average middle-class working stiff consistently sides with the proverbial boss, the owner, the corporation, the Warren Buffetts of the world.

Perspective is indeed key. I just can't understand why we always adopt the corporate perspective.

Note: so will this get me banned?

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I agree with you pierce, but I'm constantly labeled a socialist who wants to do away with "freedom". Apparently complaining about those that make as much money in a single day as most americans make in a single month, and saying it isn't fair and we should pay people more equally means I'm nearly a nazi, and that they "earn" those wages….

Sorry for all you folks who were looking forward to a football season this year. Might I suggest college or local events instead? Even some of the local high school games can be fun… :)

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And who ultimately has paid for this, the fans of course. But they don't complain, they just keep paying more and more and more until one day the tickets to major events are how much? I don't even know, seriously.

I made a decision around 1978 to not get involved in football after seeing just one example where an activity couldn't be enjoyed unless a portable TV was brought along to watch the game of the afternoon. I said to myself "Self, if it is that addicting, then I don't want any part of it.". And I've been an avid "anti-footballist" ever since. I've never watched a complete football game in my life. I just can't get past about 10 minutes before I go do something else. But I have other addictions, like woodworking.

It wouldn't bother me at aoll if the entire football, baseball, and basketball industry suddenly just vanished off the face of the earth. (Shields Up) :D
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