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Yesterday it was my birthday I hung one more year on the line.

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Big Alistair reached 63 yesterday, and my eldest son was 38 the day before, and my youngest son will be 28 in a few days nearly all in May .So it is a great time to be alive and kicking LOL . I love you guys ,as always, keep well dear friends Old Alistair .LOL
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Happy birthday Alistair. Go east on the "drams" :)
Happy bdays ol friend. God Bless the whole lot o ya.
Happy Birthday(s) from across the Pond my Friend!
Best Wishes for many, many more!!
Well Happy Birthday to you, Alistair!
May you have many more!
Happy Birthday Alistair. I wish I were only 63 again.
Alistair,I hope you stick around many more years.
Happy birthday. Live it up, party like you're 62.

As much as I dislike birthdays, the thought of not have any more doesn't appeal to me.
Happy Birthday, you old Geezer!

BTW, my 61st was the 15th this month, so I'm right behind you, Laddie-Buck.
Happy Birthday my friend, this year I will turn 70 and start counting backwards. We'll also celebrate a 50th anniversary in Feb.2015…..good year…. !
Well a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Alistair ,you have always been a great positive presence on Ljs ,so glad your here.I wish you many more happy and healthy birthdays to come.
Happy Happy Birthday Alistair. I wish you many, many more. I know there's got to be a lot of toasts going on with most of the families B-Days all in the same month. Wow, what a party.
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