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Yellowhammer vs. Hurricane bowl gouges

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New at wood turning and have a basic 8 piece tool set that I bought off of Amazon. I'm ready to purchase some bowl gages and have wondered about yellowhammer and hurricane gouges. I find that hurricane are made in Sheffield England but can't find out where yellowhammer tools are made and I cannot find warranty information on either one of them.. Do any of you have experience with either of these 2 brands?? I would like to get a set of 3 And keep my total cost under a $120.

Advice anyone?
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Hi I have a set of yellowhammer carving tools. When i got the they had to much steel on they, they were misshapen and had to be re shaped other wise great tools. They are made in Georgia, they are named after the state bird. I also have a couple hurricane they work well
If you want some excellent wood turning tools, check out Thompson Lathe Tools, (made in the USA). Decent prices and top quality. And make your own handles to save money.

After you use the starter sets and learn sharpening of the chisels, you'll discover which chisel you use most often. Then replace them one at a time with Thomson chisels.

Have you considered the chisels with carbide-inserts. You might want to check out this Grizzly set #T28505. They go on sale frequently. I got mine for $81. Sale prices are currently about $95. The replacement insert cutters are not as expensive vs. some of the other brands.
First, glad to see that as a new turner you are searching for what I call value tools, good enough to do the job and learn, and invest ~1/3rd the $. Newbies need to learn to sharpen, try various sizes of tools, try various grinds, etc. spending $100 or more/tool makes you think too hard before grinding away metal to try something new.

I have Hurricane (base model) and PSI Benjamins Best in the value tool inventory, probably 30 or more of them. Many are scrapers of various sizes and nrs vs flat scrapers - all about finding what works best for different situations. The 2 mfrs are pretty close, I tend to favor BB as the tool steel tends to be a bit larger/thicker, the steel from both (M2) performs the same for me. No experience with yellowhammer but a club member has a couple. They appear to be in the same class as the other 2. My decision would be based on delivered cost between the 3.

Once you turn a lot of projects and decide how you like to do things, what size of tools you use most, and what you most like to turn, 2 or 3 tools will pop up as favorites ( took me several yrs and many pieces to get to this point). Then its time to go for the few top line tools. My preference are Crown M42 Razor, spindle and bowl gouges, 2 of each. The BG have true parabolic flutes which work best with most grinds. Have a Thompson/Jamieson 5/8" BG - great steel but its a flat wall wide V which doesnt work quite as well for the Ellsworth and 40/40 grinds I use.
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I have a Bob Stocksdale Signature 1/2 " HSS turning gouge that I use for most of my turning. It has the length and heft for precise control. I think I purchased it after reading a FW article about them. At the time of purchase I was turning candlesticks, weed vases, finials and small bowls. IIRC Bob used them almost exclusively for bowl turning and preferred a shear cut.
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