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I spent last July in Dallas Tx., as I had to build shelving for a small warehouse. I faced the shelves using SYP which I bought at a local lumber yard. Craddock Lumber was an excellent resource, and great people who been there for at least 60 years. Anyway, because of their inventory, I had to buy 12' x 8"x 1" and cut down to 8'. It was great quality, so I drove about 30 4' pieces home with me figuring that someday I could use them.

The wife wants board and batten style trim in the dining room and now I am looking at the pile thinking this could do the trick. I am in New Hampshire and have stored these in my garage (under) where its pretty humid without being "damp" regardless they have definitely been acclimated. It's a bit drier now, but that's typical of the winter months. For us here in NH, SYP usually means pressure treated for outdoor uses, mostly deck framing.

I'd like to know from those with experience with clear SYP if it sands well, takes an even finish (paint) and behaves itself during humidity changes. I did not finish the shelf trim in Texas, just sanded and knocked down the sharp edges. I do remember I have never worked with a wood that had given me so many splinters!

My alternatives are poplar (has it own drawbacks) and soft maple, which would probably be best, but is most expensive of the three.

Thanks for everyone's help.
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