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Yard sale surprised the heck out of me.

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I'm redoing the office. I say office but I really mean the room that caught all of our junk for years. I went ahead and put my entire DVD collection in binders and added a ton of shelf space to the closet. I had the 3 huge shelves I made years ago (not nice ones and the garage was already getting crowded with stuff from the room). Where the heck was I going to put them.

I just said enough was enough. I put them out in the front yard and slapped together a sign.

I laid out a few tables. One said everything 50 cents. One said everything 1$. The sign went up. Nothing.

I threw some area rugs on the grass and set up another table. At this point - no body is stopping by dang!

I put the old grill out there. I committed that nothing was going back in the house. That meant a few trips to the thrift store. I was getting bummed out. Finally a vehicle stopped by and people got out. Miracle! They were just poking around but their child was eyeing a board game.

I said 'Son if you want it take it'. Big smile. Then the parents started saying I'll give you 3 for that - 2 for that 5 for that. I just said yes - yes - yes. They started smiling and thanking me. They took a bunch of stuff for very little - but remember my commitment? It was going to the thrift store anyway…

It took half an hour for the next vehicle. Again kids. Again I gave the kids something. Again 60% of my asking price. The grill disappeared.

I grabbed more stuff - an old bike, HF tools, old artwork, toaster oven and tons of stuff for the $1 and 50 cent tables.
I took stuff out and the next person who came in would buy one or two bigger items and just rake all kinds of stuff off the cheap tables.

The area rugs disappeared.

More stuff out - more stuff sold. But it was getting close to 1 in the afternoon. The shelves were going to the thrift store. Then one guys shows up. He looked at the shelves then saw the price - his eyebrows shot up.

He tried to wiggle them - sturdy. He hauled one to the sidewalk. It rested flat. He said 'why are you selling these' I just said life goes on. He said I'll take them. I said I have a third. He said I'll take that one too. He helped me pull the third one out of the office. We went through the living room.

Now get this - he looked at my southwest tables and said woah - I just saw one just like that on Pinterest. I remembered that lumberjocks was going to put one of my tables on Pinterest so I said "that's the one you saw."

How did you start into woodworking. Lumberjocks and some starting tools.

All the harbor freight starter tools sold.

The garage sale is over. I didn't make a fortune but I made a lot of people happy. I got rid of a bunch of stuff that I couldn't bear to throw out. Now I have to rearrange. It's a really good problem to have.

Maybe - just maybe - we'll be joined by another lumberjock. I think he caught the bug.
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Good story Mark, what about the old fiddles?
Tex - there is one kiddie violin that will be in the next sale. (Already making plans). In my opinion, the things not worth a nickel. My kids did enjoy squeaking around with it and my son did take up fiddling. I'll sell it for 25.00
Uh - I can't find the table in Pinterest. ;)
Sounds like a fun way to clean out some unused stuff.
A good read. This could be made into a movie with just the addition of a chase scene, some explosions and maybe a zombie or two.
I love yard sales, mostly shopping them just for the deals like you offered. Today I picked up a geo tracks set for little kids that costs hundreds, paid 10. Brand new, never used toaster oven for 3, and a new box of 6 recessed lighting fixtures for 2 that was never opened. Not a bad day's haul over all of 4 hours. Every other year I do a clean out sale lime yours, cheap or free, but I've never had to resale any garage sale find so, junk just seems to pile for everyone.
John, It was kind of fun to keep heading back and grabbing more stuff. I came across a really sweet Mortising attachment that is waiting for a drill press. I had to draw the line somewhere. Yep - I still have it.

Buckethead, I thought I already included the elements of horror. I did say harbor freight tools. They were just abbreviated as HF. ;)

Rev, I hear ya. The garage sales around here are pretty junky. Mostly old clothes and busted electronics. When I visit my mother in Conroe Tx. I make the good scores. A lot like I was offering. I wasn't trying to get rich off off trinkets. I was trying to clear out the stuff that was too good to discard. I'm glad I moved a bunch of it.
Sounds a little like a trickle grew into a dam busting event!
Nice to get rid of stuff other people want!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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