Wynn Environmental - Wynn # 12241MV (Rating: 4)

I recently purchased the Jet AFS 1000B. I was amazed at how quickly the filter was clogged up, thinking one the one hand this might get pretty expensive, but also thinking on the other hand, I am glad I didn't breathe all that. I am very happy with this filtering system. I cannot quantify how well it cleans the air, but visibly pulls a lot of stuff out of the air. But this review is for the Wynn Environmental replacement outer filters.

Replacement outer filters from Jet are upwards of $24 (at Rockler). Somewhat underhandedly, Jet makes them slightly smaller than standard sizes.

I did a little research and found these at Wynn Environmental. Wynn seems to have a pretty good reputation and they had 6 replacement filters (they claim are a higher standard than stock) for this Jet filtration system for $48.

I received them quickly but then found them to be about 1/8 smaller in length and thickness. Length is not an issue since they still easily cover the opening. Thickness is a bit of a problem since the holding clips cannot reach far enough down to capture the filter.

I added a couple thin pieces of scrap to handle that as shown in the picture.

I'm happy with them. They cost about $10 per filter with shipping. They come only in six-packs. They lose one star for thickness.

(BTW even though the standard filters Jet and Wynn) are cardboard they can stand up to at least 1 re-use after washing with a garden hose)