WORKSHARP WS3000 - Wide Blade Attachment (Rating: 5)

I recently picked up a WorkSharp 3000 after trying my hand at tuning some bevel-up Veritas 3/16" thick A2 steel plane blades. The instructions say to attach the wide blade guide, leveling it with the sharpening sandpaper. Unfortunately, it won't go down that far, because the inside of some of the supports squeeze against a raised piece of the machine. Sooo… I got out my Dremel and a carborundum cutting wheel and trimmed them back. I've attached a picture showing where I had to grind. It only took a couple of minutes and it was level.

Please note it was the inside of the support, not the "bottom".

I'd previously called WS and they told me it didn't have to be level, just co-planar, a cop-out to me. I wanted to use my Veritas honing guide with it and to use the angle setter, I needed level.

All this because some of the blades are 25, some 38 and some 50*. It worked like a champ! I've attached a picture showing the reflection of some ribbed rubber matting in the blade. Scary sharp!