Supermax - 19-38 Open end Drum Sander (Rating: 5)

I bought the Supermax 19-38 drum sander with optional casters and folding infeed/outfeed tables during Black Friday. It was delivered on a pallet in multiple boxes and looked to be well packaged. When I opened everything up, there was no damage at all. That is always a plus!

I set the machine up as per the instructions and found the process to be painless but slow. Also, it is heavy and I'm not in the shape I use to be so it was a bear to lift it onto the stand. I used the sander for the first time on some drawers I made. I was hesitant to use it because the drawers were assembled with dovetail joints and they were not made out of the strongest material. I ran them through with very light passes and they came out exceptionally well.

I always wanted a drum sander and I'm very happy that I purchased the Supermax.