Fahrenheat - 5000 Watt Unit Heater (Rating: 5)

Winters get pretty cold where I live (Wisconsin) and my garage/shop, though it is attached to the house, could get pretty uncomfortable in winter time.

Since I am not about to quit doing what I love for 4 or 5 months a year, I started looking into my options for heating the garage. Space is at a real premium down there, so whatever I chose had to be hung from the ceiling. There was already a 240-volt, unused service in the workshop, so electric heat was the way to go.

I selected the Fahrenheat 5000 Watt Unit Heater, manufactured by Marley Engineered Products of Bennettsville, SC (this heater is also sold under the name Dayton).

This heater is well made. It weighs in at almost 28 pounds, and needs to be attached to the framing in the wall or ceiling. The manufacturer supplies a heavy steel bracket and lag bolts as well as a well-written, easy-to-understand manual. The bottom cover is hinged with a single set screw, providing easy access to the terminal block inside. You do need to supply your own hookup cable and a 30-amp circuit.

I picked up a cutoff (required by code in my area since the breaker box is another room in the house) and a 6' #10AWG whip at a local electrical supply. Installation (starting with bolting the bracket to the ceiling joist) took less than 90 minutes.

This heater does a terrific job. It has a front-mounted, built-in thermostat, automatic fan control, and can be either ceiling or wall-mounted. And it is made in the USA.

It took about 20 minutes for it to heat the 500 square foot garage from 39 degrees to 58 degrees. I'm sure I will be sending larger checks to my electric co-op, but at least I won't be sitting in the house with cabin fever all winter!