WorkSharp - WS3000 (Rating: 5)

I've slowly been getting into woodworking over the last couple years. Since I began purchasing planes and chisels, I would just use them as-is, right out of the box. I had a fear that if I tried to sharpen them, I'd manage to somehow screw them up. Last month when I was in Sears, I found a WorkSharp WS3000 in the clearance section. It was completely sealed in the box and was $109 and change. I finally had a chance to put it to work, so I sharpened a cheap TSC set of chisels for outside work, my Stanley Sweetheart 750 set, and my Jack Plane. Initial setup was quite simple; it took me maybe 15 minutes. I started with the cheap TSC chisel set in case I made a mistake. Right away, I was making sharp chisels. Probably the one thing I find the most exciting about this product is that there is no learning curve. Simply run your pieces through the different grits and bingo, a sharp tool. Another positive is that the tool is very quiet, at least with my torpedo heater running anyway. I am very pleased with this tool. Would I recommend this to others looking at getting into sharpening their tools? YES, I sure would. Now I feel like a fool for having had a fear of sharpening my tools when there was no need to fear sharpening.