Portamate - PM1000 400 lb. Mobile Base (Rating: 4)

After Dylan's review of this item as a Rockler sale item ($35 at the moment), I decided to pick one up b/c I thought I was close to buying a jointer off of Cralgslist.

The Good:
1) Pretty straightforward assembly and adjustability
2) Rolls easily
3) roll/stationary lever is pretty easy to use and definitely better than the Harborfreight style where one has to screw down the stationary supports when you don't want it to roll.
4) Everything to assemble it is included

The Not So Good:
1) There is a little less flexibility with size than with the type that uses "supply your own" wood for the frame pieces.
2) The 400 lb does seem a little ambitious.

I feel a little stupid. I couldn't get it to adjust to as small a depth as I wanted, and I just realized it was because I was assuming I had to use both frame pieces on each side. Of course-one just uses one for shorter size.