Pennstate Industries - Penn State Industries Long Ranger 3 Heavy Duty Remote Switch (Rating: 2)

I've been using the Long Ranger 3 for 15 plus years now for controlling my 220volt 2 hp. Grizzly dust collector. Though I always felt it's construction…somewhat flimsy plastic on both the remote and base unit somewhat sub par, it has worked flawlessly, especially given I've dropped the remote a gazillion times.

Yesterday I rearranged the shop, and needed to create an extension for the base unit to the dust collector's dedicated wall outlet. Pulling the dust collector cord from the base unit, the outlet in the base unit practically came out of the box. I opened the box to find heat damage to both one positive side insulator as well as damage to what amounts to be a very cheap pop in outlet.
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I wanted to pass this on to any of you that may own one of these units. They are incredibly convenient, work great…but due to poor quality components potentially dangerous. No one wants a fire hazard in their shop, but absolutely no one wants that fire to start next to there dust collector. The ones for sale today look exactly like the one I own. I do not know if they've made changes since, but the first image comes from their current catalog, and appears to have the same pop in outlet. Though the base unit says suitable for up to 3 HP. the descriptive text says up to 2 1/2 HP. Outside of FCC certification for the remote, my unit has no UL or similar certification, nor was there any such information on the pop in outlet.

Interestingly, the interior of the box is templated for a standard wall outlet. So…a run to H.D. for a Leviton 250vac 20 amp outlet, some really tight but manageable wiring and a couple of nuts to retain the outlet from the front and I feel it's better than new. An occasional inspection and time will tell.

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Stay safe Jocks!