Shop Fox - D2260A Mobile Base (Rating: 4)

This is a review for the D2260A as pictured above. Note the box carefully; this one claims a 1000 lb weight limit and clearly shows polyurethane-covered cast iron wheels (which it DID include). Note too that this unit has a recent manufacturing date, marked as late last year (2020). However, this model is also sold - using the same part number D2260A - as having a 600 lb weight limit and sporting plastic/rubber wheels. This review is ONLY for the 1000 lb rated version with the cast iron wheels.

This particular model works well for its intended purpose. It is a bit difficult to get the wheels/castors installed; a set of low-profile swivel sockets will help immensely. The lock nuts for the extensions bars are a bit of an oddity; they are nylon-insert lock nuts that must be threaded on in the reverse direction of their normal installation. As others have pointed out, it is easiest if you first install the nuts as you normally would, then remove them. This effectively threads the nylon insert, making their subsequent backward installation on the bolts much easier.

I chose to install the wheels so as to increase the effective width of the band saw on which I used this base. However, you can install the wheels in whatever configuration suites your needs.

Once assembled into two halves, it was fairly easy to install on my band saw without having to disassemble the band saw. I slipped one-half under one side, then used wood blocks to lift the other side so that I could slip on the other half on. A few taps with a rubber mallet, tighten a few screws, and Whalla! All installed.

The stabilizers are rubber pads that are lowered and raised as needed. The threaded insert is at the top, and couples to the lower peg with the rubber pad via a magnet. Interesting, but not sure why it isn't just a single piece. They secure the mobile base pretty well, but do allow a small amount of "wiggle" in the device when engaged due to play between the lower peg and its receptacle.

Overall, for $79 I'm good with this purchase. However, I'm not so sure I'd accept the plastic/rubber wheeled, 600 lb version. The cast iron wheels should last longer and provide a steadier footing.