Artisan Media Ltd. - Working Wood (The Artisan Series with Paul Sellers) (Rating: 5)

Hi friends, if you were thinking on dusting off that old rusty brace and bit this would be a fine way to start if your thinking on pulling some of the plugs during your shop time.

This course reviewed in its Book and 2 (of 7) DVD'S is a wonderful introduction into the zen of working wood, from the first lesson making a Spatula all the way to learning the big 3 woodworking joints…Dado, Mortise and tenon, and the wood worlds loved and Dovetail.

Most important before you read any further: This is an all handtools affair…so if this is not your thing and you do not like handtools…you may not enjoy this…lol

Regarding the 2 Dvds:

Sellers is a terrific teacher…in my opinion he adds a sense of confidence..and peace to the lessons. The shots are close and detailed and the computer animations are very in depth and worthy.

The menus and moments in between each portion of his presentation are something to get used
Production here is very George Lucas…lol….very Star Wars ultra high tech with the music to back it up in volume and evoking the drama and intensity of your apprenticeship…...THE FORCE LUKE….USE THE FORCE…..AND A…......... Stanley #4…LOL

Basically … prepared to be woke up….if your too relaxed viewing….haaa….it comes blazing in every 8-15 minutes between segments.

That aside…honestly…I got used to it…..and found the value of learning and information simply outweighing any annoying interuptions in the overall flow of things and as I said…now I am used to it.

Sellers I believe will sway a non believer into the world of hand crafting, his resume is a Master of Woodrighting which you also get some background on in this portion of the series. The skills and approaches taught are effective as well as interesting.

Now….there are 5 more DVD'S to purchase if your really looking to get your handtool artisanship on….I have them but have yet to watch…but so far I am very very enthusiastic and have learned many things from the first 2 Dvd's and the book.

Regarding the Book:

Colorful, nice graphics….a reference to (All 7 DVD'S….ahhh the marketing of it all…lol) nicely packaged and many extra hints and tips that the DVD's might have not included.

I have really appreciated the reading, viewing and learning of this collection so far….and trust me…if your interested in moving your work in this direction…..Paul will get you up to speed as long as you are able to tap into the relaxed and slower pace of this kind of work.

For a just a little glimpse of what I had the enjoyment of learning please see my NEW PROJECT later this evening of my (Spatula Alla Sellers)…very nice shaping lesson…...basic and yet nice to see some great demonstrations on the various ways to go about making this piece…all included on the 1st DVD and in the book.

So….give his website a looking over….by the way….his workshop is in a castle…haaaa its really very cool.

For additional info I hope this link may be helpful

Thanks friends, I hope this was helpful on your road to learning new things.

Best wishes