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I have some old, worn aromatic cedar that was originally used as a large pergola. I have kept it stored in my shop, off the ground, for about 6 months.

I decided to cut some of it up and make a rustic frame for a large magnet board I am giving my wife for Christmas. The pics are below.

My question is this… for safety (bugs, chipping, etc), should I seal it or am I okay to leave it raw? If I leave it raw and clean it, I'm thinking a good rundown with a wire bush will do the trick. If I decide to stain it, should I just use Poly, or should I use something else? Thought about doing a combo sealant I saw online… 1 part Poly, 1 part Mineral Spirits, 1 part Tongue Oil.

Thanks for the advice!!



1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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