WorkSharp - WS3000 (Rating: 3)

I have owned my Work Sharp for a little over two years. I don't mean to be critical but I have seen too many reviews that are done by someone who has played with their new tool over the weekend and give it 5 stars. I would like to see more reviews after they have had their tool for a while (30 days or more).

When I first got my Work Sharp I was disappointed in it because it is a free hand machine, so it is like sharpening on a stone free hand you have to get a feel for it, you have to get past that learning curve. They do have jigs for the machine now at an extra cost.

Pros: The Work Sharp will put a nice polished edge on your tools once you get a feel for it.

1. They only give you two slotted wheels, so if you want to go to the finer grits you have to peel off the course abrasive or go buy more wheels.
2. The price of $20 a piece for the slotted plastic wheels I believe is too much for something that is produced in a mold.
3. You cannot go to any of the woodworking stores and get individual abrasive grits you have to get the multi-packs. You can get the singles from Work Sharp but then you have to pay for shipping at $5 and up.

I give it 3 stars because this is a major part of the machine.

If I had it to do over I would take a good hard look at some of the other sharpening devices out there and look at the cost of maintenance. I would also look at the cost of the jigs that you will need to make your device perform the task that you want to do.