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work bench

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I am considering buying a work bench,at this point I do not want to build one.I am looking at the woodmarkamw downdraft table does anyone have any experience with those?.The website is I have also looked at Len Hovater,s vise what a great looking vise.The concern I have with the woodmark table is possible sag but the wood top lies on a metal bench,perhaps my concern is unjustified.The other bench to be considered is the american work bench which I think is made in North Carolina,any and all comments welcome.
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Plate 11

Lie-Nielsen workbenches are another option.

A key question is how much of your work will involve sanding.
I have found any sanding creates a lot of wood dust that I injest,proof when I blow my nose.My overall use for any workbench is for assembly and finishing,I doubt I will be doing much if any hand planing.Yes the woodmark is definite overkill.I am trying to get most bang for my buck,assembly,air filtration with some vises.I have in the past said I do not want to build my own such as a cutoff sled and did build my own sled which came out pretty nice.If I we,re to go the homemade route I would still buy a preassembled maple top,that large of a glue up I want no part of.What do you think of Len Hovarter,s vise,I am leaning towards it rather than the veritas.
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