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Work bench smack down

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After a comment on my bench about a bench off, I thought its a great idea. There all the threads about planes, braces, powertools of your dreams, etc. How about it on benches.
Pic of your bench or one you are going to buy or build and Why its best. The topic should provide some info for the woodworking getting ready to build or buy as well as give us a place to gloat.
Plus even though I'm not building another bench, I still love looking at others.

I haven't been on in a while but I just seen a pm when i got on today. It appears the tag "smackdown" is being added to the benches shown here, so you can click here and see em all.
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Thanks guys, I was going to do a racing stripe thing actually with the walnut pieces in to the center area LOL…
You should make it a checkered flag, or better yet, Ken, make it have flames.
Scrap cutting board parts all glued together? LOL…Yea no…..I already did the Dead man where I ran walnut vertically and drilled the support holes in the walnut and used a lighter collored maple on the outer area and a darker maple in the center. I'll snap a pic later tonight and post it.
I think in laminations with adequate surface area, given the tech behind the modern glues, I bet we worry too much about delamination. I've got a >100 year old 18" deep butcher's block that's probably lam'd up with hide glue. It's been pounded on unmercifully and still holds up. I've never had a Titebond III joint fail and I've made some seriously crummy joints in my days. I had a doweled butt joint fetish going for a while there, lol.
Edit: only to note that I used "butt" and "fetish" in the same sentence. No jokes necessary.
Not to mention that you doweled the butt joint. Uggh.
Do you guys have any advise on where to drill holes for holdfasts? I'm thinking one that clamps over the leg with the vise on it, where else have you guys put yours?
Mauricio, holdfast holes are addressed in the PDF that I sent you. I have no further insight.
I missed that part Scott, I'll take another look, thanks.
I drilled the benchtop for four as shown in the Schwarz blue book, then later added holes in a single row to line up with the end vise' pop-up dog. Then three each on the front legs and that's it. Haven't wanted more holes in the top than that, and the leg holes hold the holdfasts.

Now, use the words butt, hoss, bullocks, fetish and friggin' in a single, interesting sentence… bonus points for mentioning mc hammer…
I put the Roubo square dogs on my working side of my bench. I have yet to drill 3/4" holes in the top for various other accessories {];-)
Hoss's butt-fetish is as friggin' bollocks as MC Hammer's pants.

Not sure if it is interesting.
"If you're sayin' I got a friggin' Roubo fetish," exclaimed MC Hammer, "then yo' talking bollocks Hoss and you can kiss my butt!"
Why is it interesting? Well who knew Hammer had such a varied vocabulary?
This is the Deadman I made for my bench. I was thinking (see above postings) of making the Chop similarly. Oh and on a side note, I have yet to go all over the bench and apply a finish to every open hole…That will be a project all on it's own LOL…

In case anyone is wondering that Dead man is Soft Maple on the outer sides, walnut and the center is also maple but it's center tree brown maple.

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^ I love it!

The Hammer-time sentence challenge, that is. Banded chops and sliding deadmen will have to grow on me awhile…
^major style points.
Ken, I think it looks sweet, the colors go well together. I'm interested to see what you come up with for the vise chop.
Some thoughts on holdfast locations.
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The holdfasts have a 7" reach so placing them 14" apart within reach of the front edge of the bench you pretty much cover the whole thing. At least on my bench where the solid portion is about 15" wide.


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And of course because I'm going with round dog holes I can put a hold fast in any one of those wholes as well.
I think that's a good set up, M. Are you going to have a plane stop? I've thought about adding one to my bench, but haven't committed to it yet. Does anyone here use theirs a lot?
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