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Work bench smack down

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After a comment on my bench about a bench off, I thought its a great idea. There all the threads about planes, braces, powertools of your dreams, etc. How about it on benches.
Pic of your bench or one you are going to buy or build and Why its best. The topic should provide some info for the woodworking getting ready to build or buy as well as give us a place to gloat.
Plus even though I'm not building another bench, I still love looking at others.

I haven't been on in a while but I just seen a pm when i got on today. It appears the tag "smackdown" is being added to the benches shown here, so you can click here and see em all.
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I'll let the big guys speak of the worthiness of the species for a bench (I don't know much about that wood, but, IIRC, it's like red oak). I'd say right now though, it probably needs to dry some more. At 8/4, I'd think the wood is still pretty wet (the center). If it can be moved in to a conditioned or dry (air) area for about 4-12 more months, it'll probably be pretty dry by then.

If I did remember correctly though, to use it as a countertop, you'll have to make sure you seal it properly. Those pores would make an excellent breeding ground for all sorts of nasty things.
It sat as a log for about 10 months, been sawn and stickered for 2 - 3 months, figuring late August - October I'll put a meter reading on the wood and see it we are down to 8-10%. Once I get in my basement, I should get it down to 2%.
Since its 8/4 and quarter sawn you'd have to glue the faces together right?, to get them to desired thickness.
I would leave the boards as whole planks and put a piece of 3/4 maple birch ply under the slabs. I have some 3"x3" posts for legs.
Have you noticed the strange brace in the top right corner of the picture of the old bench posted by Bertha?
Brace looks to be an "offset". Similar idea to a "corner" brace. Can't get your body lined up with the needed hole, offset it.
I was thinking the same thing as Doss about the pores. Sometimes a really good wood score paralyzes me (not that it happens that often). I'll get a piece that I like to much to use, if that makes any sense. First of all, concentrate on the getting; then the project:)
Al, do you get lumber sometimes simply because it looks amazing too, but have no plans for it? I just did that with a piece of poplar last week… no use for it yet, but it looked so good I couldn't leave it…

I also still have that 8+ foot hard maple 2×4 I got over a month ago… at $20 I couldn't not get it, but don't know what I'm going to do with it yet…
^yep, I definitely do that. I'll see a cut up pine log on the side of the road and have to resist pulling over. I bet I have 250 pen blanks, lol.
Poor you only 250 LoL

Sylvain & KsSlim - It is called a Wimble brace. Huge amount of torque with those bad boys. I've never tried one, but a lot of people find them difficult to get used to.
How about the portable drill press thingy on the floor, I think I have seen that before, its for setting on top of large timbers to bore out mortises for timber framing if I'm not mistaken.
Al and Mos - Yep, I do that. I have a piece of 3"x12"x8' red oak (no knots); a few 3"x3"x4' cherry and oak posts, and 4 10"-12" x1" x8' cherry boards that don't have a single knot in them - all slated for something in the future
That entire picture is cool. I studied it for quite a while. Wonder where Al got that one?
By the way, as far as laminating solid wood onto plywood, I'm not sure that's a good idea, it will make for uneven moisture exchange and severe warping. In fact I think there is a perfect example of that in Scott Landis' Book. I'll double check.
^Scott, I just googled emmert and picked the most glorious picture.
For Maur:

Meant to post this pic when the topic first came up…
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Maur asked a question about dimensions at the end of my chop blog entry. I don't think you saw it.
Thanks Smitty! Do you know the depth of that groove and the length of the tenon?
For those who follow this thread but not my bench build, I just posted the installation of the Chain Leg Vise.

Wood Hardwood Engineering Gas Machine

Just FYI.


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