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Work bench smack down

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After a comment on my bench about a bench off, I thought its a great idea. There all the threads about planes, braces, powertools of your dreams, etc. How about it on benches.
Pic of your bench or one you are going to buy or build and Why its best. The topic should provide some info for the woodworking getting ready to build or buy as well as give us a place to gloat.
Plus even though I'm not building another bench, I still love looking at others.

I haven't been on in a while but I just seen a pm when i got on today. It appears the tag "smackdown" is being added to the benches shown here, so you can click here and see em all.
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Would you use 4/4 lumber on a bench? I got a really good price on 4/4 #2 common Maple. I was initially planning on using it to build a bench. I know I would have to Laminate several (hundred) pieces together. Now I am starting to question this logic. What would you guys do?
I started building my bench about 2 weeks ago. I bought some (300bf) real rough 4/4 Hard Maple. This stuff was #2 common grade but in reality it should have been #3 or nearly Pallet grade. At any rate I have laminated up 4 posts that are going to be my legs. They are 4" square but I might enlarge 1 to be 5-6" wide for a leg vice.

I started cutting my top pieces this last tuesday. It's going to take alot of boards to get the 26" wide top I want since I am working with ruff 4/4. The top is going to be 72" long by 4" thick. A beast of a top…

Still playing with hardware options and how to attach everything together. But getting everything in rough cut is a step in the right direction.

I also plan on a sliding dead man.

Hopfully all you guys can help me along the process.
The lumber was at a price point where I couldn't say no. I paid $1 per BdFt. Yea milling sucks…. But I don't mind, it's teaching me milling techniques that I didn't know before. So there is a skill building pay off that I can't replace.
Yea, the intent is some sort of Roubo, I have read about so many different benches and looked at so many various types I am cross-eyed. So instead of reading so darn much (6 books, 4 magazines, forum posting in the thousands to include this post) I figured it was time to get started when I found that lumber for that price.
How in blazes do you get those end cap dovetails? Do those strech the full length of the end cap? I would like to build a dove tail end cap on my top. Nothing like the one in the photo above but a basic 2 dovetail could work for me.
Thanks for that Don. Since I am going with a 4 inch top I was considering going skirtless. But I could add one extra long board to the outer sides and dove tail into that.
My Bench top….Progress such as it is… Milled 4/4 Brown hard Maple to 4" wide and average thickness of each board is 13/16" Total number of boards to laminate is 31. I dry clamped all the boards and achieved 25 3/4" width. Which in this case is good enough. With the glue I might gain an 1/8th inch.

In the clamps I clamped 6 boards and now 5 more. Total width is 9" so far. I have to stop at 12.5 so I can feed it through the planner. However I might just stop with this group and start a new section. This should make for 3 sections instead of 2. A little easier to manuver around till final glue up.

I have access to a 28" planer so this bad boy will get glued up and taken to it to flatten it.

Just thought I would share.

Wood Flooring Floor Rectangle Plank

Wall Wood Composite material Gas Urban design


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Don, I said I have access to the big planer. It's on the base in their Woodshop. Getting this beast of atop there and surfaced… That's going to be a nut buster.
Well, I unclamped those 11 boards this morning, It's not as heavy as I expected but I do think it's at the max weight I can weild around the shop. So I think it will be a 3 section bench top till I am ready to compine the 3 sections.
Wall Wood Composite material Gas Urban design


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Bandit, just verify the type wood those are made from. Seems to me all I have ever seen for waterbed frames is Pine and or Venered MDF.
I think I have a problem, I was planning on using the Benchcrafted hardware for my Tail vice. Didn't realize it was going to be a 6+ week wait. Now I need to build my bench dog rail so I can laminate it into my bench top.

What spaceing are you guys using from the front of your bench to the edge of your dog holes? I plan on going with square bench dogs that I can pop up from underneath.
I was looking at the instructions\templates on Benchcrafted's website. It seems allot of the information on the bench dog rail is not provided in their hopes that you buy thier bench plans or sign up on Woodwhispers site to get the info. Not digging that…marketing ploy. That's probably not the case but it sure does get frustrating quick when you hit a roadblock.

The front laminate is going to be important for me as I am going to have it flush to my front legs. I'm not at a dead stop but things are definatly slowed due to their back log. Not their fault really, but it wasn't expected on my part… Piss poor planning on my part I guess.
I have the program downloaded at home, unfortunatly I am at work and can't do that here. LOL But I am a real NOOB on Sketchup. Keep meaning to sit down and learn it some but just run out of time. I also tend to build by what I have in my head not on paper or plans. But since I was going to use their vise hardware I wanted the dimensions they call for. After watching the vieo on thier sight I thought the rail they built would do the job. Just looking for tidbits of info that arn't provided :)
Scott, I wrote you back, Thanks very much

LJ, I appreciate the concern, but after reading allot of your posts, not going to bite and argue with you.

Smitty, I am really looking for a concensis and to hear the reasons some people did what they did. Your answer was spot on. Thanks!
So I am getting my top of my bench into it's major parts and I am thinking.."Can I make it look pretty too?". What do you guys think? Should I put on some accent pieces? I have some 1/2" thick walnut that could make for some interesting accent pieces. Since nearly the entire bench is laminated Hard Maple tacking in some walnut might be kinda nice.
Yea, it's a tough call… When your out there in the garage (shop) milling wood and you see that Walnut sitting there you get creative. LOL
I was thinking the front and back bench top edge and maybe an accent in the dog rail. Then maybe the deadman slide on the bottom rail. Last…The end cap…. Yea I know… Mauricio. LOL…
I'm just looking at some accents not the taj mal. :). Lol. The walnut i have was dirt cheap and to be honest the amount of hours work it this, i figure take a little pride and make it shine too.
The Dead man is a convience for sure. Stick a peg in and hold your piece at what ever angle you want. No need for the extra clap or anything to hold it. I plan on adding one to mine.
lysdexic, Thanks for the heads up on the Blog gonna start reading it today.

Techredneck, thanks for the compliments about the shop BTW :)

I have decided to make my bench 72ish inches long so I am having to work around that length. Still in the process of gluing up all the rough pieces to rough size. I still need to create my front top face, 4 short cross rails and 2 front rails.

I want to get the top assempled and finished so I can use it to work on the legs and rails. I am working on the dog rail and other glue ups too.
Terry, that bench Andy posted doesn't have a hinge there. It's an extension that slides in and out of the support leg. The device allows the front board/vice to remain parallel to it's clamping surface.
I LIKE that little bench. Andy, that would be great for you ;-)
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