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Work bench smack down

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After a comment on my bench about a bench off, I thought its a great idea. There all the threads about planes, braces, powertools of your dreams, etc. How about it on benches.
Pic of your bench or one you are going to buy or build and Why its best. The topic should provide some info for the woodworking getting ready to build or buy as well as give us a place to gloat.
Plus even though I'm not building another bench, I still love looking at others.

I haven't been on in a while but I just seen a pm when i got on today. It appears the tag "smackdown" is being added to the benches shown here, so you can click here and see em all.
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My dream bench. This is Jameel Abraham's (Benchcrafted) bench. I have it as the desktop on my PC although since I'm left-handed, I flipped the image. I would also build a bench on a bench with a twin screw vice, so I have all the versatility and height variation I need.

Table Wood Creative arts Wood stain Hardwood

This is my current bench, so anything would be an improvement. LOL

Wood Beehive Natural material Plant Fence


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Congratulations Steven, I'm sure you're going to enjoy that.
Thems fightin' words Mauricio. Scott will be after you Mr wonky legs bench.
That is a pretty sweet solution Tech. The best of both worlds, although personally I would put another row of dog holes closer to the front of the bench. Just work around the legs.
lj61673 - I can't see those images.
lj61673 - If I'd built that bench, I'd go down to the workshop just to be with it. I saw that on Benchcrafted's blog. Can I ask, why the pink colour?
Manitario - Why not make yourself a planing platform and put it in front of your bench when you're planing? Stand on it and your bench will be shorter by the height of the platform.
Here you go Mauricio. Add it to your favourites.
Mauricio - It would be wise to fill the grain IMO. Ash has the same problem. Sanding in coats of Danish oil will work, but it will take more than a few coats to fill the grain. It is quite a long process. You would be better off buying some CrystaLac Clear Waterborne Wood Grain Filler and using that to fill the grain. Take time to read all the reviews on Rockler's site.
Mauricio - Just wanted to add that you will see in the reviews that people say their sand paper was clogging up in seconds when they tried to sand off the excess. That is the same with any grain filler if you don't allow enough drying time. A light hand sanding is best IMO. Try it on a small area first. If you get a white powder, keep going. If the paper clogs up, let it dry for longer.
Mauricio - yes you can fill the pores gradually. Thin it a little bit and work on a small area at a time. I would work through the process on a decent sized off-cut before doing your actual bench to get used to using it.
Just a distant dream for me Mauricio. I will probably cry when I eventually get one and I'm not ashamed to admit it. 'Till then, long live the freakin' Workmate. :)
Thanks Brandon.
Holy squeeze out Maruicio! I knew I should have bought shares in Titebond.
To be honest, I didn't notice the bottle. I was going by the color and the viscosity of the glue. HAHA - How sad does that sound? I'm off to get a life now. :)
That's not a glue applicator! This is a glue applicator :)

Clothing Asphalt Floor Rolling Flooring

They sell them for applying mortar to point brickwork.

Tool Line Bicycle part Font Multi-tool

Cheap as chips as we say (our chips, not your chips). :)


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I don't know, you Americans have always got to GO LARGE on everything haven't you? LOL.
Where do I start Ryan? LOL.
No Brandon. I can only work in the kitchen if I am making something my wife has asked me to do. Funny that isn't it?

Actually I have the shell of a workshop, but it is being used for storage at the moment. I am waiting for my wife to finish sorting through stuff in our garage so the the stuff in my workshop can be moved into the garage. Then I have to lay on a proper electric supply and insulate the floor, walls and roof and then I can work in there. No workbench for me until all that is done. :-(
No idea what a joygasm is or a sticking board come to that, but that's why I love you guys. I learn so much just nipping at your heels and trying to keep up.
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