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Greetings to all my " Lumber Jock " pals; I have two problems that need solving. Recently I purchased some
mahogany lumber 10' x 12" x 2" with the intentions of ripping them in half to produce two lengths of lumber
10' x 12" x 3/4". Should I rip the whole 10' length into three 4" widths or cut to project length then into
3" or 4" widths.
Problem ( 2 ) The cabinet I want to create has an overall length of 58". Should I attempt to glue-up the
panels at the 58" length, or end joint two 29" pieces. ( Thanks in advance for your solutions ) Oh! I read on the blog that Norm Abram is retiring; Have no fear, " Lumber Jocks " don't retire we just whittle away.
Have a safe and happy Holiday!
miter saw, two 7-1/2 " circular saws, a Freud 3-1/4 HP router with table, and a Master Mechanic 10" drill press.

Elijah Israel.

PS. My power tool arsenal consists of an ACE 10" table saw, a Delta 12- 1/2 " planer and Delta 10" compound
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firstly - welcome to Lumberjocks!

now for the questions. and I'll start with the 2nd one since the answer to the first question relates to it:

when making panels , or anything for that matter, you cannot glue end grain to end grain - only long grain to long grain, so you usually want to use as long lumber as you can get that will cover the entire length of the part (mostly - some cases are different). unless you want to stager them - but in the case of panels, I wouldn't think you'd want that.

as for the first question - keep the lumber in it's longest form until you need to use it - then mill it per the project requirement - get the longest parts you can from it. I wouldn't just cut it all down to "generic sizes" since in the long run you might need something longer.
Elijah, I would add one more note to this. Resawing the 8/4 mahogany is going to be a challenge with just a table saw. The maximum depth of cut you can get is 3". With 2 passes you will still have 6" of material to separate. This would have to be done using a hand saw. It can be done but it is going to be a challenge.

And trying to resaw a board 10' long is going to a challenge as well. It would be easier, as well as safer, to cut the board to rough length ( project length plus a few inches for waste) before attempting to resaw it.
You can glue boards together end to end, but you need to use a finger joint on each end.

I always cut/resaw lumber as I need it for a project. It's a mistake to cut a bunch in advance because you might end up needing the thicker/longer board. Ah, I see Purp mentioned that already.
Thanks a lot " Lumber Jock " pals , Purplev, Scott and GaryK; I think I'll go with the project length plus a few ins.
But I was wondering, would it make sense to rip the 58" stock into 3" or 4" widths while it is still 2" thick, and
then rip the 2" x 3" or 4" wide boards in half to obtain two lots of 3/4" stock. Hope I'm not burdening you guys
too much with all these questions, but as you can see - I'm on a learning curve - and I need all the info I can get.

Elijah Israel.
You can also use a scarf joint to glue end to end. Probably not for the beginner, though.
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