Toolemera - The Art and Craft of Cabinet Making (Rating: 4)

This book review is from the November 2011 issue of our LumberJocks' eMag

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The Art and Craft of Cabinet Making by D. Denning

This is another of the historic books, this one being written in 1891. This book doesn't hold as much appeal to me due to it being a lot of words and fewer diagrams. But-some of the headings listed in the contents had me turning the pages to take a look. For example, don't you just want to know about "Ordinary Joinery Not Cabinet-Making" or "Sham Antique Furniture", especially remembering that this book was written in 1891?

And what about an "Extemporizsed Cramp"? I didn't even know what a cramp was until I saw the drawing and now I know how to make one, although, as it is stated in the book, "[...] accuracy is certainly a necessity [..and so…] they may be beyond the powers of the novice, who [...] will find it advisable to get them made for him.

The book seems to break down all the components of cabinet making and discusses the "how to's" the "don't do's" as well as the use of the hand tools to build the components and put them together.

From what I see and understand it is an all-inclusive look at how to build exceptional cabinets based on the tried and true techniques of our master craftsman of the past.

[Edit: See Gary's comment below for more information on the book and the author. Thanks Gary!]

My Ratings of The Book
Layout and Appearance: Too much reading for me, but appears to be a wealth of knowledge!
Instructions: Precise instructions, or it looks that way to me.
Content Selection: It seems to cover "everything you'd ever want to know about cabinetmaking"
Overall: Thumbs Up! I love the fact that this is wisdom from the past and is what I see as the basis of all woodworking today.


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