Woodworking Show - Costa Mesa Ca (Rating: 4)

Well the Woodworking Show in Costa Mesa was nice! Ken and Pat, nice to meet you both! There was some great demonstrations and mini classes. I ended up spending four hundred w/o blinking an eye. My wife laughed when we got home and put all the stuff on the floor saying it's like X-mas.

Most impressive thing at the show was Sommerfelds Tools, Wow is all I can say. Their router kits and jigs are some of the most well thought out items I have every witnessed in use. I will be buying their Cabinet Kit along with the Door Kits & Templates.
I found Final Saw Cut very interesting with great results. ( had to get one ) Carter bearing upgrades for your Band-saw were extremely impressive. While what I witnessed really worked well, I felt it was on the pricey side. Being I just got my band saw put together from Grizzly Thurs, it was a little early to buy the bearing upgrade @ $250.00.

I heard this show was on the small side but my wife and I spent 5 hrs at the show. It was a great day and I was smiles all day might even go back tomorrow.