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Don Newton started a thread about the Woodworking in America event coming to town. Thanks , Don! I didn't want to sidetrack that posting .

This could be an opportunity for any LJ's that attend to meet and greet. There's still some time between now and October to cook up something. I'm thinking of getting together at the marketplace area of the event.

It seems like a good chance to take advantage of a gathering that some might attend anyway.

If you have any comments, ideas or suggestions, please leave them here. Thanks! I hope to see you there!

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I figure that are a dozen lumberjocks within a 50 mile radius of that show. We need to get McDebbie to add a line item in the emag.

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If you see a guy that looks like my avatar, with a "where the heck am I?" look on his face, it's probably me.

LJ hat is a good idea!

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Woohoooo….a happy father's day indeed. My wife and daughter must have gotten tired of me talking about WIA and signed me up as a father's day gift.

I'm in Toronto, so the 9 hour drive is going to be something to reckon with, but what the heck, there's good eats and toolmakers to wrangle with at the end of it.

Let's just say I'm excited.

We should revisit this thread closer to the time and see if we can all meet up.

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Register Instructors Schedule Classes Exhibitors Sponsors Activities Travel
9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Friday, October 1 and Saturday, October 2
Free for attendees.
$7 admission for general public.

With more than 55 top-shelf exhibitors, this year's Woodworking in America Marketplace is the biggest (and best) ever.

Represented are many of the world's best toolmakers and manufacturers, many of whom you won't find at other shows - and it's all about woodworking (you'll find no wacky ladders or magic towels here).

This is your unique opportunity to comparison shop and actually try out all the tools you've dreamed about owning - before making your buying decision. Plus, many of the exhibitors offer hands-on instruction in their booths, so you can pick up a new skill while you shop.

Don't miss the Hand Tool Olympics all day in the Marketplace. Pit your woodworking skills against other attendees for fame and glory (and some great prizes).

Special demonstrations and exhibits to be announced.

  1. Acanthus Workshop, LLC
  2. Adjust-A-Bench
  3. Apollo Sprayers International, Inc. DBA The Finishing
  4. Bad Axe Tool Works
  5. Barnard Woodworking School
  6. Benchcrafted
  7. Blue Spruce Toolworks
  8. Blum Tool Co.
  9. Bowclamp
  10. Brese Planes
  11. Bridge City Tool Works
  12. Clark & Williams
  13. Connecticut School of Woodworking
  14. Craftsman Gallery
  15. Czeck Edge Hand Tool
  16. D.L. Barrett & Sons
  17. Daed Toolworks
  18. Dilegno Woodshop Supply
  19. Eccentric Toolworks
  20. Elkhead Tools
  21. Epilog Laser
  22. Gabardi & Son
  23. General International USA Inc.
  24. Glen-Drake Toolworks
  25. Greener Lumber, LLC
  26. Handcraft Toolworks
  27. Hock Tools
  28. Horizon Wood Products
  29. John Garrison Woodworking
  30. Keller & Co.
  31. Kreg Tool Co.
  32. Lake Erie Toolworks. Inc.
  33. Lee Valley Tools
  34. Lie-Nielsen Toolworks
  35. M. S. Bickford
  36. Manny's Woodworker's Place
  37. Marc Adams
  38. Marcou Planes
  39. Matlin Group
  40. Medallion Toolworks
  41. Micro Fence
  42. Micro Jig
  43. PS Wood Machines
  44. Quality Engraving LLC
  45. Ridge Carbide Tool Co.
  46. RJR Studios
  47. Sauer & Steiner Toolworks
  48. Society of American Period Furniture Makers (SAPFM) Ohio River Valley Chapter; The Hand Tool Olympics, SAPFM Minnesota and Mike Siemsen's School of Woodworking
  49. The Gorilla Glue Company
  50. The Superior Works / The Tool Shop
  51. Tools for Working Wood / Gramercy Tools
  52. University of Rio Grande
  53. Vogt Toolworks
  54. Woodcraft Supply, LLC
  55. Woodline USA
  56. Woodpeckers Inc.

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If it were not for the fact that my wife is having major surgery in October, I would make the 800 mile trip up I 75. It would be worth all that driving just to have the opportunity to meet Chris Schwarz.

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I am planning to attend. We have been lucky to attend all WIA conferences so far (the link is to the articles on my blog - lots of video, hand tools, people, etc.) Certainly don't want to miss Megan F. jumping on her workbench, or The Schwarz dancing to some nice hillbilly music, or Bob Lang doing a nice rendition of something on SketchUp, or Glen handling three power drills at once while juggling four chisels… :)

I encourage everyone with a little free time to attend; the sacrifice will be worth your time and effort.
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