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Woodworking competition

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My best friend and I both decided to start building furniture as a side business the same month over 800 miles apart without ever talking to each other about it. Weird deal, but we've decided to have a little competition since we can't actually build together because of the distance. More of a design challenge to ourselves. We want to do a low budget (under $50) build with a time limit for 2 weeks. I was just wondering if anyone has ever done something like this and if there's a template for rules? I'm trying to avoid making my own so it doesn't seem biased.
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And by all means, if someone would like to join in with us then please do. I am trying to get him to join LJ. I did recently and I love it. If he doesn't join then I'll post out final products on here.
Woodworkers Source is currently sponsoring a lidded box contest.

Seems like the toughest part of any woodworking contest would be the judging, since it's largely subjective. And who will be doing the judging? A non-woodworker, novice, and experienced woodworker will all appreciate different aspects, and even several woodworkers may not agree. Is one of you planning to meet up with the other to compare the boxes side-by-side, or put them in a gallery and ask people to vote? Or will you try to make the judging more subjective by fleshing out a single design together and seeing who can most accurately, and quickly build that design with the fewest flaws?
As of right now with just two of us it's just more of a, hey, look what I built kind of deal. Just didn't know if there were specific rules we could find in case more people wanted to join.
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