Positive Image LLC. - N/A (Rating: 5)

With the series of blogs on LJ's about wanting to operate a woodworking business I felt obligated to do a review on this book.

Last Friday I contacted fellow LJ Billb about his book Woodworking Business Start Quickly and Operate Successfully and he contacted me back and was very helpful about my concern of buying off the internet working to answer any questions about anything I had to throw at him, I received the book Monday and even a veteran woodworker and being in business for two years I still learned a few things especially about marketing, sales, and tips and techniques on production. If you think you even want to take the step, read about woodworking businesses, or just plain and simple want a great read this is the book for you :)
I am not affiliated with him anyway or how But felt I would share this information with others if they wanted to start a business in woodworking :)