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My son Mark lives in Sweden which is about a two day drive from where we live in Norway. A few years ago my wife and I were visiting about once every year. One year I loaded up our station wagon with quite a few tools that I had replaced in my workshop, including a bandsaw, a small drillpress, a scrollsaw a workbench and I also brought along a mini lathe with some turning tools, a miter saw and a bench grinder. We used these tools to start up a work shop in my son's basement (photos below). I also wanted to use this little shop to keep myself entertained while visiting aand help out with some projects around the house.

Furniture Table Building Wood Audio equipment

Tool Engineering Gas Machine Artisan

Mark wasn't too keen on woodworking when we set up his shop, but I figured that he might eventually come develop and interest, which he has. I haven't been able to make the trip to Sweden for the past couple of years due to health reasons, but he is paying us a two week visit so I can get him started with woodturning, general woodworking and maybe a little carving.

I haven't been on LJ much the last year or two for the same health reasons, but I really want to document this time we spend together as there won't be many more opportunities for us to share the fun of making stuff, and we can keep this blog as memory of our time together.

Today we finished our first project which was the sanding tool. I had previously bought the hardware from Prokraft in the UK. The kit includes the hardware, sanding pads and velcro. The rest is an easy turning project with a little drilling and band sawing. I thought Mark could take this home with him as a useful item for his woodturning. The Kit parts could probably be sourced fairly easily but I figured that it was worth the price to not have to run around rounding up all the bits and pieces and I thought Prokraft deserved the sale since they had come up with a nicely designed tool that would probably last a long long time and it was a fraction of the price of buying one. You can see the video on how to make it here. We tried it out and it worked great.

Watch Vision care Gesture Plant Finger

I plan to show more shop work photos during this series so I hope you will find it a little more interesting. Thanks for reading!


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Finishing up

My son Mark and I completed our workshop antics today. We had originally planned to do more than just woodturning, but I wasn't able to be in the shop as much as we had planned and so we just concentrated on turning. Somewhat disappointing, but we covered some important aspects of woodturning that gives Mark a good start. He became comfortable using skew chisels, bowl and roughing gouges, spindel gouge, scrapers and parting chisel. He also learned a variety of mounting options with chucks, between centers, screw chuck and glue chucks.

We didn't produce a lot of stuff and tried to concentrate more on technique than speed. Unfortunately we used only dry wood (maple) and so he didn't get a change to experience the joy of green woodturning. Here is our few more finished pieces which don't include all the practice stuff we did.

Table Rectangle Wood Wood stain Cylinder

Wood Gas Tints and shades Artifact Beige

Wood Material property Beige Circle Wood stain

The box was our first real project. Everything went well, but Mark is 6ft 4'" tall and my lathe was really too low for him so hollowing the box wasn't easy as he had to bend over almost double to see what he was doing! Luckily his lathe at home has an adjustable height so he can work comfortably.

Tire Wheel Hood Automotive tire Vehicle

The small bowl with a lid is meant to be a little jewelry box for Mark's wife Sofie. He originally wanted a heart design on the top, but since the top needs a handle he decided to put the heart on the bottom and named it the hidden sweetheart bowl. He will finish turning the handle when he gets home. So, he also learned how to make a design negative into a positive.

Mark and I had a great time together and I hope we can do it again some time,. He is flying back to Sweden tomorrow with his projects and a few new tools. Now he can have some fun in that workshop in his basement!

Sorry I didn't get more photos of us actually working in the shop, but it was crowded and a bit chaotic so we just kept our noses in the work. This was a great way to spend some time together and I highly recommend it to others. Thanks for reading!
Great work Mike! I'd say Mark achieved a lot in the time you had together.


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