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Woodworkers and the PBS show "American Woodshop" POLL / VOTE

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OK, let us see what WE want to do…

Should the TV show "The American Woodshop" be taken OFF the air / cable?

Just a simple One Word Answer / Vote:

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No, why? (two words)
Last time you asked a question Martin, gave me a shame shame!!!!...:)

Joe you'll have to mail me 75 cents for a Canadian Stamp so I can mail

my one word answer in.
I can't say thatt is a favorite, but I wouldn't say it should come off!
NO. . . . 3

YES . . . 2

No Opinion . . . 1


While American Woodshop isn't my cup of tea, I'd still rather have more woodworking programming than less

Programmers should decide what is supportable - Whats next - we all Vote to revoke MSNBC?

Let's treat each other a bit more positively.
Please support your local PBS station!

8 -No,
2 -Yes,
1 -No opinion
Never seen it, but No, I am all for the woodworking shows on TV.

I just looked my whole TV schedule over, can't see it listed anywhere. Anybody know what channels it may be playing on? and which day? Thanks.
NO. . . . 9

YES . . . 2

No Opinion . . . 1
Randy…whatis your location? I'll find out for you! Frank

I really don't care that much for the show and sometimes I think that his instructions could possibly get a newbie hurt. But, I've seen worse on PBS. Think about it….. if they take him off, what are they going to replace the show with???.... another sewing program, or another painting program. (Used to, we'd say "the TV has two knobs on it…..One to turn the set on and the other to change the channel". Now days, I guess you'd say "that remote has 100 buttons on it…. push one.

- JJ
no. They have taken too many off as it is around here. Besides, if I wanted to complain about scott's show, I'd drive the 19 miles over to his house. It's about halfway between Piqua, Ohio, and Lockington, Ohio.
1 - 20 of 44 Posts
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