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Woodtec Matchmaker Mortiser

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There is a Matchmaker mortiser for sale by me and I was wondering if anyone here uses one?
Are you happy with it? Would you recommend buying one?
Thanks for your time.
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I have a Wirth Machine which is essentially the same design but it has its own motor for the spindle whereas with the Matchmaker you supply a plunge router. It's kind of time consuming to change setups but other than that it's a great unit and well built. Be prepared to make special jigs to do anything other than making tenons or dovetails. I've never made a mortising hold down board for mine because I also have a slot mortiser. You could remove the hold-ins used for tenoning and end mortising if you want to do side mortising but I've never tried it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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