WoodRiver - Ultimate Cabinet Maker's Kit (Rating: 5)

I bought this kit about three years ago and have since used these planes on just about every project done since. I'll split up the review into three parts- one for each plane in the set, then I'll follow that up with general comments.

#4 Smoother- This plane has been my go to plane since receiving the tools. Out of the box it definitely needed a honing and a good wipe down of the cosmoline covering the tool. The blade was nearly perfectly flat- didn't take much work to bring the polish across the edge. The iron holds its edge well though the steel is pretty darn hard. I'd prefer something like O-1 but its fine as is. Adjustments are fine and smooth- nearly as best as can be expected. Overall 5/5 rating on this tool.

#6- this is basically the plane that built my workbench- 4 squared 16 2×4's without flinching- maybe one sharpening in there- though the blade was half dull when I started. Same as the #4 all she needed was a good honing and wipedown. A little wax on the sole goes a long way, and this tool has the heft to push through just about anything. I prefer it very much over my no.7. Again the adjustments are great, fantastic fit and finish as well. 5/5.

low angle knuckle cap block plane- This plane started out pretty finicky. Constant issues with the cap popping off and it was super frustrating. Only took a few hours of use to adjust where you apply pressure when pushing the plane and it is no longer an issue whatsoever. She'll cut see through shavings in the hardest or softest woods, both end grain and long grain. Excellent plane other then the slight learning curve. 4/5

With two of the planes being rated at 5/5 and 1 at 4/5 the only other factor is price. Buying these three in a set saves you about $50, and as a starter set is everything you need. Using these three planes you can build 80% or more of anything you can imagine. Overall excellent value for the price and I happily recommend them. Only thing I've been upset about is that they are not made in USA. But if your looking for great planes on a budget take a look at these.