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WoodRiver Planes

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Has any fellow LumerJock had any experience with WoodRiver Planes ? I have several older Stanley planes that are great and will never part with (Belonged to my grandpa) But a person I know has a full set of WoodRiver planes that look brand new….most are still in the box and he says have never been used.

He has a #6 Fore Plane (Never used in box) , a #5 Bench Plane (Never used in box) , a #4 Bench Plane, a #3 Bench Plane (Never used in box), and a Adjustable Mouth Block Plane….for all 5 he wants $250 cash.

I went to Woodcrafts web site and for all five I would pay about $550. I am going to buy them even though I really do not need them (He needs the money and I am always looking for a good deal on tools) question is this…are these planes really any good ? Has any one had any experience with them, do they hold a edge, do they chatter…any opinions good OR bad ??? I went through all the reviews and no one has ever did a review over them.

I played with some of them for a few Min's. They "Seemed" like pretty good quality planes…but have never even been sharpened.

Thanks for any opinions.
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Hey Don
Charles Neils gave a thumbs up to woodriver planes saying they were as good as his very exspensive planes (LN?)
Thanks Jim, I watched his videos at WoodCraft ….but was still wondering…while he IS a master woodworker…He is paid by WoodCraft…so I was wondering if any body here has used them.
they require some tuning out of the box and the fit and finish is not as good as a higher priced Lie Nielsen or Veritas. But they are a good value. With that said, I did return one because something was wrong with the frog. I had to keep the lateral adjuster almost all the way to the left to keep it making shavings that were a consistent thickness all the way across. It was a nit picky thing but most woodworkers I know are nitpicky.
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