Woodpeckers - OneTIME Tool® - One Piece T-Squares - 3 inches (Rating: 5)

I have three favorite tools in my shop and the TS-3 is one of them. The other two favorite tools are an after market glue container (FastCap Glu-Bot Glue Bottle (16 Ounces) available on Amazon) and my Saw Stop table saw. Woodpeckers is one of my favorite tool suppliers. I really enjoy their squares, triangles and the table saw set-up gauge (http://www.woodpeck.com/sawgauge.html). I also have a router lift (Sidewinder) that Woodpecker doesn't make anymore (it has a crank on the side) and I'm afraid to ask why, because so far it hasn't caused me any problems, but I assume it has for others. I've gotten some other one-time tools and never used them (pocket compass and gap gauge), but plan to someday.

Of the three One Piece T-Squares One-Time tools, I only purchased the 3" model and don't regret having not purchased the longer versions of 6" and 8". I seem to use this tool at least once every time I go to the shop, whether to measure along the outside edge or mark a a line using the inside holes. I'm actually kind of glad that I didn't purchase the longer ones as the smaller one suffices for 90% of my measurement needs or I go to a tape measure.

I also have the longer standard production two-piece T-squares in 12, and 24" (http://www.woodpeck.com/tsquare24.html). The long two-piece squares are nice, but I don't use them very often as they are unwieldy. If Woodpecker made a two-piece T-Square in 4 inches, seems like once in a while I need a measurement that is just beyond the 3-1/2 inch reach of the square, I'd buy it both for myself as well as for gifts to give to woodworker friends. Anyway, if more people besides just myself contact Woodpecker and tell them of their interest in such a tool, they say on their site that they will make it.

Woodpecker has a video of the tool being used here: