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Woodpeckers Drill Press Table

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Installed my shiny new Woodpeckers Drill Press Table.
Here is the video:
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Nice video and presentation. :)
I really like the way you mounted the table. Very clever.
I built my own table but incorporated a lot of the features the woodpecker table has, like the insert mounting screws, 3/8" centering hole and the t-track being mounted with bolts rather than screws.

Two things though; first, a tall fence on a dp table isn't needed will more than often get in the way of a lot of common drilling operations. Woodpecker is probably the only retail vendor to get the fence right with it being short. Most workpieces are drilled on the flat face. Even drilled on edge you don't need a really tall fence; mine is a piece of 1 1/2" aluminum angle and it handles everything I've thrown at it including some pieces 5" tall.

The other thing is the hole placement on the fence for mounting it to the table.
You actually want those holes to be oversized or slots even. Having the fence 90 degrees to the t-tracks isn't a necessity and with exact sized holes the fence will bind when moving it back or forth. It doesn't matter which angle the fence is to the drill bit; the distance between the fence and drill bit will always be the same regardless of the angle. Just like a router table fence. :)
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