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Woodmaster 712 for sale San Antonio

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Not sure if there is any interest, but I ran across this CL ad. The fella wants 950.00 which is likely a real fair price.

Being the cheapo I am, I likely would not go that high for the planer, but the price probably is fair. In fact, we have the 712 and I love that machine.
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Your going to hate me. I have been looking at one in Elkhart for $200, but it is in need of some parts. I have been kicking it around for a month and he just dropped the price to $200
Grab it Shawn, the motor is worth more than that. Grab it quick, don't hesitate…....

Did I mention you need to grab it.
Shawn, that is what I would call a "Buy and Fly". Meaning you need to buy that sucker and get the heck out of there before the seller realizes he has listed the price too low and changes his/her mind.

I actually got the "buy and Fly' saying from a television show.

But seriously, woodmaster parts are readily available. And if it needs something here and there to get her back in shape, then use that in negotiations and score even better, then call woodmaster and get the replacement parts that are needed.
That's the feed speed control probably. It's a knob you twist.
There may be dust in it leading the seller to conclude it is busted
when all it needs is cleaning. Still, they are good machines
and at that price replacing the part should not be a deterrent.
I agree with Loren, it is probably something minor, not much to go wrong with those machines, they are fairly simple.
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