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Woodfast PT310X upgrade to spiral cutter

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Yesterday I received and installed my new spiral cutter head for my Woodfast PT310X jointer/thicknesser.

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It's has 31cm cutting width capacity and a 3HP motor. Originally delivered with a 3 knives cutter head, that has delivered nice cut surfaces all the time, but recently the blade has became noticable duller - and something needed to be done. Wanting a spiral cutter head all along I figured that instead of sharpning the knives or buy new knives I would rather dig in and get a spiral cutter.

The spiral cutter was specified with a supplier from Aliexpress and arrived at my location (Norway) around one month later, both manefacturing and shipping.

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There were som communication issues, but everything was sorted out and the received cutter was dead on the specifications.
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There were one exception, the besrings should have been pre-mounted but was not, so a bit of struggel to get those on s they are press fit, but got it done.

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I have done a few test cuts.
The cut is very nice, but I'll have to adjust my outfeed table a bit higher as I'm currently getting some snipe.

I know that I may adjust it using set screws. However, it kindof looks like the outfeed table has the exact same lift mechanism as the infeed table, just that there of course is no handle and there seems to be some lock screws to prevent movement.

I'm wondering if that is an option as I want to just lift the whole table up, and not make any other adjustments…

This is where it seems to be possible to adjust!

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