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Google Sketchup and Design

Alaskan Chainsaw Mill V2.0 is going to be a follow on to the review I posted around this time last year. It seems to have been fairly liked considering it now shows up on Google within the first page of search results. Just type in "Chainsaw Mill" into Google and you will see it within a scroll or two. I'll thank you all on Lumberjocks for that.

Note: some of the images are large but if you right click on them and "Open image in new tab." You will be able to see the full version.

Here is the link the Review I did on my first prototype Wooden Chainsaw Mill.

Some of the short falls of the first version:
• Rip capacity can always be improved.
• The adjusting method of the clamping arms.
• The strength of the chainsaw bar clamp.
• Cut quality. Not sure I can improve it but we will see.

Some of the advantages:
• Certainly the price around $15 not including time.
• Works as a functional mill.
• Not very challenging to build and should be able to do it will minimal tools.

Here is the current Concept. I spent about two hours on Sketchup trying to decide how to improve the mill. I do think much of it will be the same.

My first thoughts for improvement are to use ½" bolts as opposed to ¼". The original did hold pretty well but stronger is better. I don't think they will add much cost and will certainly provide more clamping force. Especially for the bar clamp.

I am also considering changing the way the bar clamp arms adjust. I can't say much right now because it needs a little more though. All I do know is the old one would be difficult at times to adjust. More to follow.
I also like the wing nuts for the adjustment but might consider using conventional nuts this go around. Might help in torqueing down the clamps a bit tighter. Seems like a good idea.

If you have looked at the old post and are still interested in the coming results. Please stay tuned.

Also, I might miss a video or two and accidentally post them only to my page. So if you are interest. Please stop by my page. If you like what you see, please like and you will be able to keep up with this and other projects..

Thanks and the build will be coming soon when the weather isn't threatening to snow.
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